BONI Business Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

BONI Business Men's Clothing Store


Shanghai, China


Product Classification

Hanging clothing display racks and island clothing display racks

Preliminary Project

This is a BONI brand men's clothing store, mainly engaged in business men's clothing. The decoration design of the store is mainly in warm gray, presenting an elegant and exquisite environment tone, interpreting the style life attitude and fashion life taste pursued by the brand.

Project Design

According to the space decoration and brand product characteristics of BONI business men's clothing store, we designed hanging clothing display racks and island clothing display racks as the main clothing display racks of the store. The hanging clothing display rack gives people a clean and comfortable feeling, which is especially suitable for displaying business men's clothing. The installation design of the upper wall does not need to worry about its load-bearing capacity and does not occupy the ground area. Another highlight of the design is that the colors of the clothing display racks are all warm gray, while the joints of the display racks are eye-catching gold, which instantly enhances the aura of the entire shop and makes the shop more vigorous and energetic!

Actual Result

An excellent design is what makes people's eyes shine, especially attracts people's attention, and always makes people can't help but take a few more glances. The clothing display rack we designed for the BONI business men's store has been affirmed and praised by the store, and we also feel very fulfilled. The color is rich and not monotonous, it is not only a clothing display stand, but also a beautiful landscape. BONI business men's clothing store installed our tailor-made clothing display racks, matched with store space decoration and lighting design, the whole store presents a calm atmosphere, high-end fashion atmosphere.

Project Summary

The most important thing in a clothing store is the clothing display rack. No matter how expensive a piece of clothing is, if it is placed in a chaotic store, it will not be able to show its value. In modern society, the competition in both the clothing industry and the clothing display rack industry is becoming increasingly fierce. We must have a positive team spirit, fashionable and innovative design concepts and a serious and responsible work attitude. Only in this way can we adapt to the development trends of various industries. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of clothing display stands, a supplier of clothing display stands for several major brands of clothing, and your trustworthy partner.

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