Beverly Hills Polo Club Men's Clothing Store

Project Name

Beverly Hills Polo Club Men's Clothing Store


Nantong, Jiangsu, China


Product Classification

Laminate clothing display racks and high and low display table

Preliminary Project

This is a Beverly Hills Polo Club men's clothing store. The clothing is suitable for urban upstarts aged 28-50. It is a mid-to-high-end fashion casual brand. The brand culture of Beverly Hills Polo Club is to perfectly integrate the polo sport's unique perseverance and fighting spirit into the design of the product, demonstrating the style of the king, while at the same time being fashionable and comfortable, confident and innovative, happy feature. The decoration of the shop is a simple combination of Chinese and Western style, presenting a calm atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, store decoration style and space distribution of the Beverly Hills Polo Club men's wear, we tailor-made the laminate clothing display racks and high and low display table as the main clothing display racks of the store. First of all, let's talk about this high and low display stand placed in a conspicuous position at the entrance of the store. Two display table of different styles are combined together. The combination of Chinese and Western, the square match, all the beauty is just right. The main costumes, models, polo trophies, flowers and green plants are placed on the showcase, which not only enriches the content of the showcase, but also attracts the attention of customers and increases the rate of entering the store. This is a showcase and a beautiful landscape in the shop. Laminate clothing display rack is a multi-functional clothing display rack. There are front hanging display rods and side hanging display rods under the floor, which can display clothing in different directions and provide customers with a better shopping experience. Above the shelf display rack is a shelf that can be placed, which can be used to place folded clothing, magazine posters, small ornaments, flowers and green plants, etc., to add vitality and vitality to the shop. The laminate clothing display racks are regularly staggered, so that it does not appear dull and boring, and there is no visual fatigue, and the clothing display racks of the entire shop appear more harmonious.

Actual Result

The Beverly Hills Polo Club men's store has installed our tailor-made laminated clothing display racks and high and low display table, combined with the store's decorative style and lighting design, the whole store presents a calm atmosphere, comfortable and fashionable atmosphere. The clothing display rack should not be fancy or overwhelming. Simple style, not simple craftsmanship, presents an excellent clothing display stand. The high and low display table not only play a role in diverting customers, but also beautify the environment of the shop. The unique combination particularly attracts customers' attention, thus paying attention to the clothing on the display rack. It can not only beautify the store, but also bring better benefits to the store.

Project Summary

Our tailor-made clothing display rack for the Beverly Hills Polo Club men’s store is very in line with the Beverly Hills Polo Club brand culture, and is also in harmony with the store’s decoration style. The store atmosphere is the same as we expected. This is a successful clothing. Display rack project. Of course, it has also been recognized and affirmed by the shop owner, which brings higher profits to the shop.

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