BASIC ELEMENT Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

BASIC ELEMENT Women's Clothing Store


Nanhai, Guangdong, China


Product Classification

wall-mounted clothing display rack, high cabinet clothing display rack against the wall

Preliminary Project

This is a BASIC ELEMENT brand women's clothing store, which is positioned as a modern urban intellectual elite who advocates freedom and pleasure. "Elegance, Intellectuality and Neutrality" are the key words embodied in the brand spirit of BASIC ELEMENT, which creates a simple modern urban style that is natural, relaxed and beautiful.

Project Design

According to the style of BASIC ELEMENT brand women's clothing and the design concept of modern fashion innovation, we designed a wall-mounted clothing display rack and a wall-mounted clothing display rack as the main clothing display racks for the store. The wall-mounted clothing display rack is very suitable for women's long dresses, skirts, coats, and is designed to be installed on the wall. You don't need to worry about its load-bearing capacity, it is safe and stable, does not take up floor space, and can better display women's clothing. Moreover, a glass laminate is designed above each display shelf, which can be used to display flowers, plants, handbags, accessories, etc., to add color and vitality to the shop. The clothing display rack against the wall can display another form of clothing, providing customers with a more comprehensive visual experience and shopping options.

Actual Result

The clothing display rack we designed is matched with the decoration of the BASIC ELEMENT brand women's clothing store. The overall presents a high-end atmosphere, an elegant and generous atmosphere, which is in line with the requirements and expectations of the clothing store owner. Brand women's clothing stores should have such charm, people can't help but feel that their identity and taste are instantly improved when they step into the store, and they are very happy while choosing clothes.

Project Summary

Customer satisfaction is our driving force, and we are committed to achieving customer satisfaction! A successful women's clothing store is undoubtedly an excellent store display and tailor-made clothing display racks. We are beauticians in clothing stores, and we carefully design excellent clothing display racks to contribute to store sales. Looking forward to our cooperation and win-win situation, creating a world of ours!

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