Alice McCall Women's Clothing Store

Project Name

Alice McCall Women's Clothing Store




Product Classification

Wall-mounted clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is an Alice McCall brand women's clothing store, suitable for women aged 30-40. It is famous for its unique feminine and playful occasion wear. With a unique design, all women who wear alicemccall have a natural and passionate attraction. The decoration style of the store is based on gray as the main color, presenting a fresh and elegant and a generous atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture, store decoration style and space distribution of Alice McCall women's clothing, we tailor-made the wall-mounted clothing display rack and island display stand as the main clothing display racks of the store. The simple wall-mounted clothing display rack, with a unique metal decorative rack in the front, instantly enhances the aura of the entire display rack. The top or bottom of the metal decorative frame is a large arc, and it is fixed on the ceiling and on the ground. It is integrated with the wall-mounted clothing display rack and complements each other, presenting a high-end atmosphere, low-key luxury atmosphere. The island display stand placed in the center of the shop is also a beautiful scenery in the shop, with marble patterns, fashionable and innovative craftsmanship, touching nature, and real stone effects. The texture is strong, the texture is beautiful, and the gloss is good. Such a display stand with lighting design is particularly eye-catching in the shop and will attract people's eyes.

Actual Result

After the Alice McCall brand women's clothing store installed our tailor-made clothing display racks, the entire store presents a high-end atmosphere, low-key luxury, and a generous atmosphere. This is the same as we expected, and it has also been recognized and recognized by the store owner. sure. The women's clothing store should show the noble elegance and gentle atmosphere of women's clothing. The clothing display rack does not need to be too fancy, it will be overwhelming. The clothing display rack we designed is simple but unique, which perfectly sets off the style characteristics of Alice McCall brand women's clothing.

Project Summary

The display rack design of each store will be tailor-made for the store based on the combination of the brand culture of the store product, the store decoration style and the store space distribution. The clothing display rack project of the Alice McCall brand women's clothing store is very successful, not only has the store owner's recognition and affirmation, but also contributes to the store's income.

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