Project Name

AIYA Wedding Dress Hall


Wuhan, Hubei, China

Product Classification

Unique-shape clothing display rack

Preliminary Project

This is a wedding dress hall of AIYA brand, the style of the wedding dress is simple, elegant and fashionable. The shape is beautiful, the materials are exquisite, the board shape is reasonable, and the workmanship is fine. AIYA wedding dresses have always adhered to the design ideas of no plagiarism and no imitation, and are committed to creating unique, luxurious and grand wedding dresses for the newlyweds. Simple design, complicated craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, novel tailoring and bold color matching, burst out a strong visual impact. The decoration of the shop presents a simple and fashionable, fresh and natural, noble and elegant atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the brand culture of AIYA wedding dresses, shop decoration style and shop space distribution, we tailor-made this unique shape island display stand. The simple metal frame design outlines the shape of a large hanger, which also looks like the appearance of a house, which also implies that the couple will form a happy home and start a happy marriage. The golden metal frame and the pure white base give it a sense of luxury and elegance. This unique shape display stand is extremely flexible, and can be placed in the center of the store or against the wall. It can be used alone or in combination of several. This is also a versatile clothing display stand. What color and content of the background wall and floor tiles will show what style of atmosphere, especially suitable for distinguishing different styles of wedding dresses, so that customers can quickly and accurately choose their favorite wedding dresses .

AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Design Drawings

Actual Result

After installing our tailor-made clothing display racks in the AIYA wedding dress hall, combined with the shop decoration and lighting design, the whole shop presents a simple, fashionable, fresh and natural, noble and elegant atmosphere. The characteristics of wedding dresses are: they are big, heavy, and long. They are very special dresses in clothing stores. The clothing display rack we designed is very suitable for the special clothing of wedding dresses, with strong load-bearing capacity and high space utilization, which can accommodate a large number of wedding dresses to be displayed together. The wedding dress on the display rack can be hung upright or side-hung. No matter which way it is displayed, the texture, style and version of the wedding dress can be perfectly presented. The atmosphere presented by the clothing display rack is the same as we expected, and it has also been recognized and affirmed by the shop owner!

AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result
AIYA Wedding Dress Hall Actual Result

Project Summary

The wedding dress shop must feel dreamy, romantic, beautiful and pure, symbolizing the beginning of a beautiful marriage and the beginning of a happy family. A successful wedding dress shop must have an excellent display and unique clothing display racks. The clothing display rack does not need to be too fancy, it will be overwhelming, but it also needs to be able to present the characteristics of the store’s products. The clothing display rack we tailor-made for AIYA is just right, which fully expresses the beauty, purity and elegance of the wedding dress. This project very successful!

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