Project Name

AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Product Classification

Embedded-wall shoe display stand and combination shoe display stand

Preliminary Project

AIMANBOO is a cordial fashion women's shoe brand, based on the trend of women's shoes with an image of elegance, romance, intellectuality, and restraint without losing the atmosphere. Mainly sell fashionable leather women's shoes and bags. The styles, styles and colors of the products are diverse to meet the different preferences of customers. With "comfort, elegance, simplicity, maturity, quality" as the main appeal point, while keeping up with the trend of the times, we are committed to providing middle- and high-income middle-class and urban white-collar women in China with shoes and bags that are most suitable for them. The color used in the interior decoration of AIMANBOO women's shoes shop is mainly white, which presents a bright, open, clean and refreshing decoration style as a whole. This style can bring comfort to customers while creating a friendly and natural atmosphere.

Project Design

According to the decoration style, store space distribution and brand culture of AIMANBOO women's shoe store, we tailor-made the embedded wall shoe display rack and the high and low combination shoe display stand as the important display racks of the store. The wall-mounted shoe display rack, as the name suggests, is the display rack inlaid in the wall to save shop space. Such a display rack gives people a clean, tidy and generous feeling, and the shop will not appear messy and narrow because of the display rack. The color matching of the black shoe display rack and the white wall is both fashionable and classic. With the lighting design, the shoes and bags on the display rack are particularly dazzling, instantly enhancing the aura of the entire store. Put the high and low combination display stand in the most conspicuous place of the store, which is particularly attractive. The heights are scattered, with a strong sense of hierarchy, new shoes and bags are placed, and flowers and plants are added to make the content of the display stand rich and eye-catching. This kind of shoe display rack is not fancy or overwhelming, and it better and more comprehensively display the noble, elegant, beautiful and dignified shoes.

AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store Design Drawings

Actual Result

After using our custom-designed display stand for the AIMANBOO women’s shoe store, the overall shop presents a noble, elegant, clean and generous, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, which is very in line with the store aura required by the women’s shoe store, and the shop owner is also very satisfied. Our display stand. The shoe store is different from other stores. Customers who buy shoes must try the appropriate ones before buying. Therefore, the space of the store is very important. It just so happens that the wall-mounted shoe display rack we designed has the advantage of saving store space, so there is no need to worry about people. The traffic is large and crowded, which can provide customers with a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience. The high and low combination display stand in the shop is the finishing touch of the shop. It not only plays a good role in diversion, but also enriches the content of the shop, avoids the monotony of the shop, and makes the whole shop full of vitality and vitality!

AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store Actual Result
AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store Actual Result
AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store Actual Result
AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store Actual Result
AIMANBOO Women's Shoe Store Actual Result

Project Summary

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." This sentence is sufficient to illustrate the importance of shoes. Shoes are our daily necessities, without shoes will cause us a lot of trouble. This also shows that the shoe store is very promising, but there will also be fierce competition. How can a shoe store stand out from the crowd? It is undoubtedly an excellent shoe display and a unique shoe display stand. Our custom-designed display stand for AIMANBOO women's shoe store is very in line with the atmosphere of the store, and it has also brought greater benefits to the store. This is a very successful project!

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