Wooden Clothing Display Racks

30 Aug 2019

Wooden clothing display racks is another style of clothing display racks,its flexible styles and soft shapes make some designers like them very much.

Is it a little aesthetic fatigue to introduce so many stainless steel clothing display racks? Now introduce the wooden clothing display racks, which is another unique style. Metal fashion display racks and wooden fashion display racks display completely different styles. Stainless steel clothing display racks are more advocated and bold, while wooden clothing display racks are low-key and Introverted. Wood has a variety of shapes and flexibility. It can do what you want, unlike metal, it has a lot of limitations.

Following is a description of the wood clothing display rack of several workmanship:

1. Paint-free boards. This kind of clothing display rack is mainly used in big stores. It does not need to be used for paint and surface treatment. It only needs to open and edge banding.Moreover, it is a three-in-one assembly, the assembly method is relatively simple, and the most important thing is that its price is relatively cheap. Many big brands like H&M and Uniqlo use this kind of wooden display rack mainly.

2. Baking lacquer. This kind of clothing display rack is mainly used for shopping mall brand, its shop area is generally about 100 square meters, clothing stores mainly use white and black colors. Paint-baked clothing display racks show high-grade temperament and soft lines. Generally, new brands shops will adopted, and younger clothing stores will also adopted.

3. Veneer. This kind of clothing display rack is mostly used for high-end brands. The whole clothing display rack is pasted with solid wood. It is pasted by hand and then varnished. Their joints can not be seen at all. They look like real wood, but they are cheaper than real wood in cost.

Wooden Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 30 Aug 2019, updated 30 Aug 2019.

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