Wide Range Using of Clothing Display Racks

16 Dec 2019

A good, suitable and able to adapt to the development of the market clothing display rack, must be able to apply to a variety of occasions, such as: shopping malls, hypermarket, retail stores, home necessities.

Our clothing display rack is so beautiful, luxurious and well made that their quality is very stable and won't shake. The products in the picture are the first-class goods of Mr. Lu from South Korea. They are clothing display racks, also used for luggage and shoes display racks,book display shelves or decoration display racks.

This kind of clothing display racks can not only be prestigious in the market, but also be elegant at home. They are different from clothes display shelves. The structure of clothing display frame is relatively simple. This kind of laminated display design style is more complex and diverse. The picture is just one of the more beautiful displays. It can display more luxurious bags, exquisite shoes and other beautiful decorations, and it can also be used to display books, decorations or potted plants at home.

Wide Range Using of Clothing Display Racks

Our display racks can stand against the wall. The goods on the display stand will be placed orderly. It will also be an eye-catching corner of the shop. The excellent display on the display rack will be a beautiful scenery line, and will add color and vitality to the shop.

Our display racks can also be placed in the center of the shop, which can be used for area separation. There is no fixed back plate barrier, which will not block the customers' view of the shop goods, but make the goods behind the display rack appear hidden and full of mystery, so that the customers have a desire to explore.

Our display rack can also be placed at home, in the living room, it can be the screen of the dining room and the living room, and on the display rack can be placed plants, flowers, potted plants, ceramics and crafts to add a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the home.

Our display rack can also be placed in the study. When the bookshelf is used, it can hold a large number of books for storage and display, helping your storage space.

Wide Range Using of Clothing Display Racks

The shape of the display frame is also very important. I believe that you will not want to pay attention to a single boring display frame at a glance, and the unique shape in the simple style is also very attractive to customers, and it will give people a different feeling. Our display frame is simple in design and has different effects, which will not make people tired of the same. Different lines are used to outline the interior of the display frame with unique shape, which makes the display of the display frame have more changes and choices. It also improves the utilization rate of the display rack to the maximum, which can accommodate and display more goods and articles, and gives customers a kind of subconscious. So many goods on the display rack will surely have one suitable for themselves, so they are more willing to stay and select slowly, which is conducive to improving the overall income of the store.

Wide Range Using of Clothing Display Racks

Through the communication with Mr. Lu, and considering the installation problem of this display rack, we decided to make the overall framework for the customer, without requiring the customer to install separately, which not only saved the installation trouble of the customer, but also prevented the problem of shaking or improper installation due to the bad installation.

The display frame is 201 # stainless steel, and the finished product is vacuum titanium plating or rose gold, with the size of L1200 * W350 * h2000mm. Because the display rack is not disassembled as a whole, it has strong stability and won't shake, so it can save customers a lot of unnecessary troubles and problems in the installation process, and also provide guarantee for the safety of goods and articles on the display rack!

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Originally published 16 Dec 2019, updated 16 Dec 2019.

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