Why Victoria’s Secret was announced to be delisted

06 Mar 2020

Recently, maybe you have noticed the news that L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, announced to sell the 55 percent stocks to the company of Sycamore Partners for 11 hundred million dollars. Meanwhile, Leslie Wexner will resign the position of chairman and CEO of L Brands. Different people have different ideas about this incident. Victoria’s Secret is the famous underwear brand which most of the people have already known. Especially for the show every year, clothing display racks are greatly needed to offer all kinds of clothes for the models. Well, the reasons why Victoria’s Secret was announced to be delisted can be listed as follows.

Why Victoria’s Secret was announced to be delisted

To begin with, let’s know more about the brand of Victoria’s Secret. The first fashion show for this brand was held in New York, 1995. At first, it was just the simple show for the sales promotion. As the time went by, to meet the need of the market, Victoria’s Secret was oriented by marketing which was warmly welcomed by people. Especially for the super models, they are all in good stature and beautiful enough to catch everyone’s attention. The wings with luxurious jewel also greatly become the focus on the stage. In spite of that, to make the show more attractive, it also invites the famous singers just like Lady Gaga. Without hesitation, this excellent show helps the brand to be known by many people and create the wonderful sales volume. It always tries to keep up with the step of the society and meet the modern beauty in people’s eyes. Every year, the income reaches more than several billions. Well, life is full of changes and you will never know what will happen next day. It was said that in North America, there was more than 980 stores of Victoria’s Secret. Among which, there are 30 stores are closed in 2018. The integral management of the company and the changes of the market both have great influences to the development of a company.

The sales performance can be said as the key factor when it comes to the development of a company. According to the official data, the sales volume is decreasing during 2011-2018. As people’s living standard is getting better and better, they prefer pursuing the more advanced service. Although the Victoria’s Secret had lasted for 24 years, people may get tired of the predictable pictures. So, the audience rating is decreasing as well. For such a great cost of the show, it was doomed to be canceled at last. The famous cultural critic, Simmel has ever said that the product is not getting popular after the production, it was produced for the trend. Thus, what we should focus on is the product itself and the correlation between consumers and the products. What’s more, in spite of the authentic information, the models of the Victoria’s Secret had divergence meanwhile. For example, Karlie Kloss, the famous model of this brand, considers that it has great significance when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Show. It calls for the right of a woman and we can be ourselves. It is also the symbol of a woman really possesses the power that we can be the better one. Adriana Lima, also one of the models of this brand, expressed that she felt unsatisfied that she was asked to take the sexy videos. It was unfair for her to take the pictures or videos without wearing anything.

Why Victoria’s Secret was announced to be delisted

Under the fluctuant clothing market, it is wise to always keep the long-term vision and never fall behind of trend of the society. Learning from the delist of the Victoria’s Secret and also the incident of Old Navy sailing out of China, it is not difficult to conclude that you should have enough confidence towards the challenging market. For a clothing store, the management and the meet for the consumers are very important. In order to be accepted by consumers, why not consider the integral design of a clothing store? Clothing display racks can help you tidy up the clothes and show them in the attractive way to the consumers. With them, you can also decorate them as you like according to the style of your store. To increase the sales volume, some creative designs are necessary. For example, if you have a store mainly selling for the women’s clothes, you should make full use of the lighting. It can be used on the clothing display racks. The lights on the clothes can make the clothes more beautiful. If the color of the clothes is dark, the spotlight can refresh the clothes and give them more opportunities to be picked by consumers. Also, clothing display tables are put at the front of the store or in the middle of the store. You can totally decorate them with some beautiful plants.

It seems that the product innovation and the fixtures improvement in the store are the key factors to success for a company. Especially for the clothing brand, they should follow the trend which people are focusing on. As the time went by, the ideas which were thought to be wonderful may not be suitable for the later development. Clothes also include the cultural meanings that are connected with the contemporary society. For the consumers, the clothes should be able to show their beauty or their identity when they wear the clothes. To be honest, we are the professional factory to produce the nice and practical clothing display racks for you. Welcome to contact us and just share your wonderful ideas.

Why Victoria’s Secret was announced to be delisted

From what had been discussed above, though we can not predict what will happen tomorrow, what we can do is to make progress every day. Only when you seize today can you not lost tomorrow. Do not just be a looker towards the incident of the delist of the Victoria’s Secret. You should learn something from it and make some changes for your store. After all, selling is a never-ending topic which you should try to learn something from the trouble.

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Originally published 06 Mar 2020, updated 06 Mar 2020.

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