Welcome Thai Guests to Confirm the Sample of Clothing Display Racks

06 Sep 2019

On August 8, 2019, the CEO of XX Thailand Company came to the factory to see the sample of the clothing display racks and discuss the structure of the design.

Their company's design department has designed a number of beautiful Steel-wood combination of clothing display racks, through early communication between the two sides, played two samples to consider the feasibility of the design plan. According to the design drawing, we have made a beautiful black-and-white matching table and a beautiful black-and-white matching clothing display rack (as shown in the figure). When the customers came to the factory and saw the samples, they praised our factory's baking lacquer wood and iron art crafts for the first time.

According to the design drawings and samples, the guests discuss with us and make the following modifications: 1. According to the design drawings, the table legs are integral, the volume is too large and the transportation cost is high. After discussion, the table legs are changed into two, and the volume is reduced. 2. The outer frame of the clothing display rack is too simple for the guests, so they change to the double-tube method. 3. The costume display frame was originally a circular tube model, and the guest added a square tube model.

Through meetings and exchanges between the two sides, we revised some unreasonable parts of the design drawings and reached a consensus on cooperation between the two sides.

Welcome Thai Guests to Confirm the Sample of Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 06 Sep 2019, updated 06 Sep 2019.

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