Wall Clothing Display Racks

11 Sep 2019

As the saying goes, customers are God! Customer preferences are our pursuit!

In clothing stores, decoration is the first thing that attracts customers' attention. The clothing display racks in stores play a decisive role in decoration.

We have a simple, beautiful wall clothing display rack, simple style but to maximize the utilization rate, no fancy decoration, simple and clear, and durable!

Our clothing display racks can accommodate a wide variety of clothes, while the design of landing and wall fixing provides security for clothing.No matter how heavy the clothing is, don't worry about it,it's very safe!

In addition, we also designed a layer on this clothing display racks, which has very strong functionality, and it can also lift the atmosphere of our whole wall clothing display racks! On the top layer, clothing magazines sold by stores can be placed, small items can be placed, flowers can be placed, etc. to add color to stores, so as to attract customers.

Our clothing display rack is wall-fixed and fixed on the ground, almost save floor area, the visual sense of cleanliness to customers, will not make people feel confused, thereby improving shop cleanliness! Simple style also makes the material utilization rate high and waste less, the cost will be saved!

The clothing display racks is made by 201# stainless steel with vacuum-plated titanium gold.This rack can be continuously lengthened according to the length of the wall. We can customize the product according to the size and color you need. The clothing display racks is assembled left and right and fixed with screw ,which greatly reduces the volume and facilitates transportation.

Wall Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 11 Sep 2019, updated 11 Sep 2019.

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