Trousers Display Rack in Clothing Display Racks

02 Oct 2019

Trousers display rack is one of indispensable clothing display racks in business men's clothing store, and also an important island clothing display rack.

As shown in the figure, there are two kinds of trousers display racks. One is a display rack with hanging trousers on both sides, the other is a display rack with hanging trousers and side-hanging.

These two are very high-end trousers display racks, is the first choice of business men's clothing stores, stores can choose which kind of trousers display racks and several trousers display racks according to their shop's own situation and shop size.

The two-sided trouser display rack with 24 squares like a hill,which increases from one layer to the next, and buckles one layer to keep the trousers from exposing. With this trousers display rack, the trousers are neatly arranged, high-end and beautiful. This trouser rack is made of 201# stainless steel, vacuum plated with rose gold, and the surface is also fingerprint-free. Another trousers display rack, in addition to one side of the trousers display grid, the other side is side hanger, can hang pants sideways, trousers will be fully displayed. Side hanger can not only hang pants, but also hang clothes. It has many uses.

The two kinds of trousers racks look like magnificent hills from afar. They are charming and do not obstruct the view. They do not block the clothes displayed on the clothes display rack behind them, but they can display the trousers perfectly. As soon as customers enter the shop, they can see Kinds of trousers hang on the rack displayed on the hills. On the top, let customers clearly choose their favorite style. Both trousers display racks can display more than 100 of pants, with a large capacity.

Does your business men's clothing store lack these two kinds of high-grade trousers display racks? Don't hesitate to take them with you directly.

Trousers Display Rack in Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 02 Oct 2019, updated 02 Oct 2019.

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