Three-dimensional Pipe Laser Cutting Machine for Clothing Display Racks

26 Aug 2019

Have you ever encountered an inappropriate size of customized clothing display racks? Have you ever encountered a situation where the customized clothing display racks is too big? Have you ever encountered a situation where the assembly of customized clothing display racks have a bad shape?

Now let me solve your problems one by one!

As we all know, our factory specializes in the production of clothing display racks. Do you know why our factory produces clothing display racks with low price, fine workmanship and facilitates transportation? Now the great secret is revealed, because our factory has three-dimensional pipe laser cutting machine.

Advantages of three-dimensional pipe laser cutting machine:

1. High precision: It is suitable for cutting precise accessories and fine cutting of various craft words and drawings. It can cut round and square pipes in various ways, especially for special-shaped openings. This is very practical for large-scale shelves such as clothing display shelves. Traditional manual openings are prone to deviation, but laser cutting holes in the three-dimensional pipe laser cutting machine, so the display shelves produced by our factory can be assembled firmly. The display rack is disassembled into a small part, which greatly reduces the volume of goods and transportation costs.

2. Fast speed: The three-dimensional pipe laser cutting machine is more than 100 times the traditional cutting machine, which greatly improves the production efficiency, speeds up the delivery speed, and greatly reduces the labor cost, so the price of the products produced by the factory is also very affordable.

3. Non-deformation: Because the heat-affected zone of laser cutting machine is small, it is not easy to deform, so its cut is smooth and beautiful. Because its cutting surface is very smooth and does not deform, the products produced are of high grade, especially suitable for high-end clothing display racks.

4. Flexibility: The three-dimensional pipe laser cutting is easy to change pattern.According to the needs of different customer orders, we just need to draw the processing map on the computer, and the product can come out immediately.It saves the cost of conventional open-die production,what is more,it's easy to create different new products for the customers.

Through my introduction, have you known why the garment display frame produced by our factory are cheap, exquisite workmanship and convenient transportation now? It's right to choose our factory. Because we have high-tech machines beside us.

Three-dimensional Pipe Laser Cutting Machine for Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 26 Aug 2019, updated 26 Aug 2019.

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