The Tie Rack in the Clothing Display Racks

08 Sep 2019

Now clothing stores are very expensive,an inch of land and an inch of gold. As the design and manufacturer of clothing display racks, we should make good use of every inch of land to maximize the utilization rate of the stores.

In the clothing shop display, the tie display is the most difficult of all the clothing display. The tie display effect in many stores is not ideal, which can not show the beauty of the tie very well, because they often roll up the tie and put it directly in the cabinet, although neat, but they can not show the overall beauty of the tie,what is more it also occupies the area of the store to display the tie.

With me, these are not problems. This tie display rack in our factory is designed on the wall,which is not only beautiful,but also can show the nobility of the tie in all aspects.

This tie display rack is made by matte stainless steel rose gold with no fingerprint on the surface, it is directly installed on the wall, not only does not occupy the location of the shop, but also enriches the wall design, can make perfect use of the wall to show the tie. Shop space can be saved to display clothes.

Look at the tie rack on the picture again. Is it like a beautiful picture hanging on the wall? Shall it also save you money to buy the picture on the wall? The design of this tie display rack is very simple, but although the sparrow is small and full of internal organs, it should have some functions, and its cost is cheap, it must be cheaper than a display cabinet! Isn't that the legendary way to be beautiful and save money?

The Tie Rack in the Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 08 Sep 2019, updated 08 Sep 2019.

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