The Tea Table of Clothing Display Racks

07 Oct 2019

The display of clothing stores has a great impact on the operation of clothing stores.

We know that the overall sense of a store especially the whole matching of clothing display racks can bring customers an orderly and complete shopping experience. And this sense of wholeness is not only based on the unilateral effect of the clothing display racks, but also based on the matching of the clothing display racks and other display racks in the entire store space.

Nowadays, more and more clothing stores not only sell clothes as a marketing strategy, but also consider the material and spiritual enjoyment of customers when they buy clothes. For example, the leisure area of clothing stores, with comfortable sofas and tea tables, can effectively alleviate customers' shopping fatigue, lengthen customers' stay time in stores, thus helping to improve the purchase rate.

Our tea table is made of glass and metal. The desktop is highly transparent glass material, good transmittance, no direct interference can directly see the ground, visually widening the space of the leisure area, no sense of narrowness, giving people a neat feeling.

The rectangular desktop design can accommodate more items and disperse more leisure customers at a time. Teaware and candy food can be placed on the table for customers to enjoy, so that customers can get a little material satisfaction, so that they have a greater psychological and spiritual preference for the store!

Our tea table leg is made of simple lines. The simple style is clean, comfortable and elegant. The metal color of the table foot can also be changed according to the color of the clothing display racks, so that it can correspond with the clothing display rack and improve the overall feeling of the clothing shop!

This is a simple tea table, but also a high cost-effective tea table!

The Tea Table of Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 07 Oct 2019, updated 07 Oct 2019.

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