The Skills of Using Clothing Display Racks

31 Dec 2019

To the sales department, it is very important to have some skills of display. It is said that if you use the technology of display properly, the sale may be increased more than ten percent. That is the same to the clothing shop. The main way to display the clothes is using the clothing display racks. So you should know more about the skills of using clothing display racks.

There is a good saying that even the fruit or vegetables should be displayed as the artwork for the beauty of stocks can attract customers’ attention. What’s more, the proper display also plays an important role in saving the space and decorating the environment. A senior high-school student found a part time job in a store. But she was so careless that she input the wrong numbers when she was ordering the yogurt online. It should be ordered three bottles of yogurt every morning. She made a mistake of ordering thirty bottles of yogurt every morning. She was so worried that the shopkeeper ordered her to sell all of them. She tried to sell the yogurt. Finally she had a new idea that she moved the yogurt to the place of selling mess tin. Also, she also wrote a note that yogurt is good to health. To her great surprise, the entire yogurts were sold out. In spite of that, the need for yogurts was increasing. No one could imagine that the little girl had such ability. From then on, this yogurt and the mess tin were placed together in the store. Another example can be seen at the Wal-Mart market. The salesmen were calculating the status and they found that the sales of beers and the diapers are almost the same. Later they started to analyze and make a survey of it. They found that when the young father entered in the market and bought the diapers for their children, they also bought the beers meanwhile. For such a reason, the shopkeeper placed these two stocks together. It is the skill of display accounts.

So as far as the skills of using the clothing display racks in the clothing store concerned, we can conclude that we should make full use of the clothing display racks and try to learn some knowledge about display.

The Skills of Using Clothing Display Racks

There are some principles that the display should follow. Firstly, create the atmosphere of abundance. It means that the clothes in the store should be abundant and variable. It can not only make the stocks outstanding, but also have enough clothes for customers to choose. Secondly, make a distinguish between the primary stocks and the secondary stocks. Before you recommend the clothes to customers, you should be clear about them. According to the different occasions and the different objects, you should place the clothes that are welcomed by customers. Also, you can even enlarge the selling space and adjust the placement. What I am trying to say is that we should let the main stocks be outstanding before customers’ eyes. Thirdly, keep clean always. No one will be satisfied in a messy place. They will be pleased and easy to purchase stocks in a clean and comfortable environment. Fourthly, let the stocks be multiple. The way of display is variable. If you keep the style of display always be the same, customers may be fed up with it. So, we should have more creative ideas and try to make the customers have the feeling of fresh. There are also some other elements that we should focus on. For example, the price should be clear to see, and the label should be in unity.

The Skills of Using Clothing Display Racks

To sell more product, you should also find the center of the selling part. During the double eleven, there was a women shoes store selling for the high boots. At first, they display them on the racks which were nearest to the crossing. But only a few boots were sold in the whole morning. After consideration, they found that customers pay more attention to the stocks which were placed on the center of the display racks. So, they quickly change the display. They put the high boots on the display racks at the center of the store. They sold twenty-eight pairs of boots the whole day. The sales were increased a lot. Despite that, make sure that your stocks are full enough. Maybe some tiny stocks can’t get customers’ attention. But think about that, if you put more these tiny stocks, it can catch customers’ attention. What’s more, make the stocks be outstanding before customers. As we know, every single stock has its feature. Why not show them to people? There is an example, the doll shop mainly sells for the small cute doll. They put the dolls on the display racks at first. However, the sale is not well. Later, they come up with an idea that they hang the dolls with the hang-display racks. Naturally, the customers can know more about the dolls and they would like to buy them. Another example is about the women’s clothing shop. There is a special shirt that its back has a special pattern. The shopkeeper catches this feature and show it to the customers. Have you ever heard that there is also another way to display? That is the way of connection. One stock may have connection with another kind of stock. For example, the T-shirt and the shorts can be placed together. The sweaters and the jeans can also be placed together. This can save customers’ time to choose another kind of clothes.

The Skills of Using Clothing Display Racks

From what have been discussed, we can conclude that knowing more about the skills of using clothing display racks can bring you a better income. We should meanwhile keep in mind that sometimes the actual world can’t obey our plans. What we should do is to adjust the selling plans according to the different factors. The main way to display the clothes is using the clothing display racks. So, we should know more about the skills of using clothing display racks.

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Originally published 31 Dec 2019, updated 31 Dec 2019.

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