The Packaging of Clothing Display Racks

The Packaging of Clothing Display Racks

Date: 15 Oct 2019 | Tag: clothing display racks

No matter how beautiful or high-end the fashion clothing display racks are, without good packaging, everything is zero.

Clothing display racks are not as regular as furniture or other products, just packed directly in cartons. The products of clothing display racks have the following characteristics:

1.The products of clothing display racks are uncertain, because each customer customized clothing display racks are different, and each customer likes different styles and sizes. Most of the customized product packaging of clothing display racks are relatively large and irregular. The packaging can not be directly packed in cartons, and the packaging must prevent crushing.

The products of clothing display rack are also fragile, especially the mirror-light clothing display rack. We should protect its surface well and not touch hard objects. The stainless steel clothing display rack with colors must be packaged well, otherwise the rain may make it fade, because the rain is acidic and has corrosive now.

Clothing display rack accessories are vulnerable, especially baked lacquer wood products, glass, marble and other accessories. This kind of accessories should pay special attention to its vulnerability when they are packed. If they are not packed properly, they will be broken directly. In addition to padding, they must also be packed in wooden boxes. Otherwise, they will all be broken before they reach the hands of customers and can not be used.

Our factory mainly produces stainless steel and iron clothing display rack. Most customers who make stainless steel clothing display rack will choose colors on stainless steel. The stainless steel vacuum plating color clothing display rack,we pack it with non-woven cloth to cover one layer to prevent scratching, and then with thick pearl cotton strip to cover one layer to prevent touching. Double-layer guarantee ensures that logistics reaches customers without damage. We will arrange packing in wooden cases for irregular shapes and easy to crush. Iron clothing display rack ,we will directly separate the packaging with thick packaging film to prevent friction and scratch between the workpiece and the workpiece.

All the clothing display racks will be packed tightly, we will use pearl cotton, bubble film and wooden box packaging, several layers of protection, to ensure that the logistics reaches the hands of customers without damage.

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