The Mirror and the Clothing Display Racks

25 Dec 2019

Mirror is an indispensable thing in life. Mirror can be seen everywhere in life. Mirror is even more indispensable for women. Once upon a time, there was a joke that the biggest punishment for a woman was to let her wear beautiful clothes and then take her to a room without a mirror.

Everyone, every day, will look in the mirror. Whether it's in the bathroom, the room, or the shop window on the street, you can see all kinds of mirrors. Mirror, it helps us a lot, it is very useful. For example: it can make us easily dress up beautiful and dazzling, and become the eyes of all people; it can help you to see the dead angle that you can't see in the ordinary time when you make up, shave, and cut your hair, and see the clean and fresh appearance after changing your face.

As Li Shimin, the Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, said, "a mirror can be used as a guide to dress properly; a person can be used as a guide to gain and loss; a history can be used as a guide to rise and fall.". History can always enlighten and express to posterity! The mirror can always show and regulate the appearance. Take the mirror as a looking, not only can you dress properly, respect others, make yourself clean, but also enhance your self-confidence!

The Mirror and the Clothing Display Racks

The importance of mirror is not only reflected in daily life, but also for a clothing store. Every clothing store has the same indispensable thing,besides the clothing display racks,which is the mirror. Whether it's a high-end exclusive store or an ordinary roadside shop, it will be placed. Especially for women's clothing stores, without mirrors, it is estimated that many people will not "pay the bill".

Now the network is so developed, everyone can't do without the network almost every day. It's more common to buy clothes online. However, physical stores are still so popular, and people will choose more physical stores to buy clothes. Think about the clothing stores that you like to visit or the stores that you enter subconsciously. What elements attract customers' attention? Overall decoration style? The design of clothes hanging on the model at the door? Or the bright lights in the shop? In fact, the most important thing is that customers can choose clothes in the shop, change clothes in the fitting room, and feel the real wearing effect from the mirror. It is understood that 60% of the process of customers deciding whether to buy a garment is completed in the fitting room, so it can be seen that the real wearing effect in the mirror is so important!

The Mirror and the Clothing Display Racks

A good mirror in a clothing shop will get twice the result with half the effort, which is not only for the real wearing effect of customers, but also for the sales of the stores. For example, for a relatively small store, in addition to opening up space, it is an effective way to use mirrors to extend vision and enlarge space. Because mirrors have the visual effect of increasing depth. Putting a mirror in the front of the door, or on the left or right, can extend customers' sight and solve the problem of small space easily. If two mirrors are placed at 90 degrees, more and more images will be reflected. As the angle between mirrors becomes smaller, more and more images will be reflected. This kind of artistic effect can just expand the space of small shops, increase the quantity of goods and improve the indoor shopping environment.

The mirror of clothing display racks is a hexagon mirror.There are two size of them which are 1800*700MM and 900*600MM.They are made of 201# stainless steel vacuum-plated Titanium gold. It can not only meet the high requirements of clothing stores, but also be used at home. On July 22, 2019, Mr. Jin from XX company of South Korea came to our factory to check the mirror of the clothing display racks. After inspection, our products all meet Mr. alloy's quality standard. Mr. Jin said that the mirror of the clothing display rack is well made and the quality is very stable. The mirror of the clothing display rack is decorated with gold and stainless steel.

The Mirror and the Clothing Display Racks

Actually, this is Mr. Jin's third order, but it's his first time to come to our factory. The first one is clothing display rack, the second one is bags and shoes display rack and coffee table. Due to the good quality of the first one and the second one, they are very popular in South Korea and deeply loved by customers. Mr. Jin expressed satisfaction with his long-term cooperation. He said that he came here for long-term cooperation. Mr. Jin said that through these three orders and according to our advantages in quality, service attitude and price, our factory will have more and more orders, laying a solid foundation for our factory to win the Korean retail store display market. Customer satisfaction is our pursuit!

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Originally published 25 Dec 2019, updated 25 Dec 2019.

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