The Maintenance of Clothing Display Racks during Coronavirus

02 Mar 2020

The 2020 is doomed to be the fluctuant year that you can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. The novel coronavirus disease, which we called COVID-19, has been focused by people all over the world. It was firstly found in Wuhan city, Hubei province, China. Although now the situation is getting better, we should not neglect the sanitation and the protection for ourselves. As far as the clothing display racks concerned, they are also the public facility that different people have opportunities to touch them. Thus, the maintenance of clothing display racks is necessary.

The Maintenance of Clothing Display Racks during Coronavirus

In our daily life, nothing can be neglected for even the tiny thing can be the infectious factor. It was reported by our academician, Zhong Nanshan that this disease usually diffuses by saliva. So, it is very important to wear the surgical mask to prevent this disease. Even the feces by the infected patient have the coronavirus. Meanwhile, as the COVID-19 is the infectious disease, the director general of the World Health Organization called for people’s attention on this disease and the WHO has sent an expert team to China to collaborate with Chinese experts to tackle the outbreak of COVID-19. Our state leader, Xi Jinping has been trying to lead people to fight for the disease. He has ever said that we have enough confidence to defeat this disease as long as we take necessary actions in unity. Thus, the closed-off management is practicable in most of the cities. In fact, we are very lucky that we are in the country which has great power to handle this precipitate disease. We are all the united person and we all have our responsibilities to defeat this disease together. Although the disease is ruthless, we are the person who are enthusiastic in helping others who are in trouble. So, many protective supplies and articles of daily use are sent to Wuhan city. Many doctors and nurses are also voluntary to be sent to the place to save more patients. We strongly believe that the disease will be defeated by ourselves finally soon.

To have the proper maintenance of clothing display racks, you should remember these details. It is suggested that you can use some alcohol or the disinfectant to scrub the stainless-steel clothing display racks. What’s importantly, especially for the stainless-steel clothing display racks which have some other colors should be dried with the soft and clean cloth in case for the chemical phenomenon. For example, if you don’t pat attention to this, the clothing display racks may have color fading or get rusty which may affect the surface of beauty. As now people are starting to work, you should always keep the store clean. Sometimes open the doors or the windows to let the fresh air come in. Here is a good example for how to tackle with the work resumption during the coronavirus. He is also the merchant of a clothing store. As the leader of a store, he quickly organizes other workers as a team to learn more about the COVID-19 including how to make protection for ourselves in the public and how to maintain the fixtures in store, etc. The aim for this learning is for the responsibilities to people around us. The workers are warmly participated in this activity. After knowing more about this, the merchant in the store also lead other workers to take actions. For example, they set up the team for supervising the condition of different people who get into the store. Only when they are sure to be healthy and wear the face mask can the people go into the store. The leader of the store also tries to buy the surgical mask for the workers to make sure that the workers can be engaged in work without scruple. If they find the people who are risk or get fever, they will send the patient to the hospital quickly and then disinfect the environment thoroughly. This is a good example for how to take actions for the COVID-19 in the clothing store.

The Maintenance of Clothing Display Racks during Coronavirus

Certainly, except for the clothing display racks in the store, the clothing display racks in other places are also needed to be disinfected. Just like the warehouse, there maybe numbers of display racks in it. You should also need to protect them in the right way. The surface of the clothing display racks is easily touched by anyone and there maybe the bacteria or the virus on it. Always clean them and maintain them in the right way. You can disinfect them three times a day and after you clean them, you should remember to scrub them with the soft and dry cloth in case for the corrosion later.

Lately, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised China’s contribution to the global fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, noting that the Chinese people are making efforts for all humanity. China is making great progress in controlling the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, and it has full confidence and capacity to win the battle against the disease, President Xi Jinping said recently. It is true that it is the situation about all the people in the worlds, not just Chinese. So, every single person should take their responsibilities. Early found, early cured. Nowadays, not only in China, there are also other countries have difficulties. Especially for the Japan and the Korea. They are the neighbor countries of China. We should help each other and fight for this disease together. It can be said affirmatively that cooperation is the only way to secure the victory of this battle and it shows we are connected closer more than ever! Isolation is not the key. Globalization is what we need! No one can avoid this and what we should do is to tackle with confidently.

The Maintenance of Clothing Display Racks during Coronavirus

In a word, the clothing display racks are needed to be disinfected in daily life. You should also need to maintain them in the proper way and avoid the bad influences later. Other display fixtures just like the display tables are in no exception. Only when we are confident and try hard to tackle with the situation can we defeat the novel coronavirus together.

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Originally published 02 Mar 2020, updated 02 Mar 2020.

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