The Influence of Special-shaped Island Display Cabinet in Clothing Display Racks

22 Sep 2019

Clothing stores are a collection of elements of fashion trends.

For clothing, clothing display racks are like a pair of magicians’ hands that can instantly "turn decay into magic" and make the mediocre clothing beautiful and moving!

If a clothing store wants to create a unique effect and enhance its competitiveness, it has to adorn the shop with special display and personalized clothing display racks, so as to create a unique shop!

Our special-shaped display cabinet on both sides of island is composed of a heart-shaped theme board, a side-mounted display rack on both sides and a storage cabinet at the bottom.

The shape of love, the first time to attract customers, not only let people see bright, but also naturally let people think of the beautiful love, sweet and lovely princess, let people have emotional resonance, improve the customer's desire to buy!

Bilateral side-mounted display racks can maximize the utilization rate, and both sides can accommodate more clothing to provide customers with a variety of selection needs.

Over and on both sides of the side-hanging display rack, there are layers. On the layers, they can place clothing magazines, plant flowers and small ornaments, bags and accessories matching clothes sales, etc. They can not only enrich the content of the display rack, but also bring benefits to the shop, killing two birds with one stone!

Our island display cabinet bottom or storage cabinet greatly improves the stability of the clothing display racks, but also can accept different sizes of clothing, gift boxes, gift bags and so on, thereby reducing store storage pressure.

Such a multi-functional, unique-shaped island display cabinet will also be a beautiful scenery in the shop!

The Influence of Special-shaped Island Display Cabinet in Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 22 Sep 2019, updated 22 Sep 2019.

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