The Influence of Consumption Psychology on Clothing Display Racks

16 Oct 2019

With the high development of modern material civilization and spiritual civilization, the concept of enjoying and tasting life runs through the busy rhythm of urban life. People's requirements for clothes are no longer simple shame and warmth, nor are they happy matching of many spare clothes. Nowadays, clothes should not only conform to the aesthetic vision of modern people, but also reflect the wearer's identity, status and even occupation when wearing them. Therefore, the development of clothing is challenged.

According to the survey, the eight psychological stages of consumer shopping are attention, interest, association, desire, comparison, trust, behavior and satisfaction. From these eight stages, we can conclude that the more the several previous stages are reflected , in the requirements of product display are the higher. It can be seen that display occupies an important position! If we compare clothes to good dishes, then display is a beautiful visual feast presented to customers after careful deployment by exhibitors. Not only do they have fashionable colors and styles, but they also have popular fragrances. Display improves the quality of clothing, but also improves the overall beauty of the retail environment.

In the layout of commodity display, the most important display idea is to satisfy customers' shopping habits and conform to customers' consumption ideas. Clothing store display, only a glance can let customers see the primary and secondary display means and recommendation skills, so that customers can find their own clothes at a glance, which is essential for shop display. However, we should not forget to support the completion of these powerful pillars of the costume display feast, the clothing display racks. Clothing display rack plays a decisive role in the garment display. Without the clothing display rack, there would be no so-called garment display feast.

This clothing display rack is a side-hanging display. Simple line design, without too much tedious decoration, crisp, neat and generous, and will increase the utilization rate to the maximum, can accommodate a large number of clothes hanging together on the clothing display rack. The clothing display racks are full of beautiful clothes. Subconsciously, customers will feel that so many clothes are always suitable for themselves, so as to improve the customer's try-on rate and purchase rate. The fixed design against the wall and standing on the ground, double-layer fixation, strong bearing capacity, good stability, not easy to deform, and beautiful and durable.

Every year, fashion trend elements will change. Instead of pursuing the trend constantly, it is better to choose a simple style of clothing display racks, which is also the most stand the test! It is also the most suitable for the diversified development needs of clothing stores!

The Influence of Consumption Psychology on Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 16 Oct 2019, updated 16 Oct 2019.

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