The developing trend for the physical retail stores

20 Aug 2020

Lately, Microsoft announced it will permanently close its Microsoft Store retail locations. In the past, Microsoft began to expand its retail presence in an effort to create a shopping experience similar to Apple’s. It seems that it may have some connections with the outbreak of coronavirus before. So, what is the developing trend for the physical retail store in the future? You may ask. For the physical clothing stores, the key factor is to improve the image of the store. That is what we emphasize the importance of the clothing display racks.

The developing trend for the physical retail stores

Talking about the incident of closing the Microsoft Store retail locations, it is said that this plan would put into effect next year. It is the outbreak of coronavirus which speeds up the process. The product of Microsoft, Xbox Series X will be promoted during the holiday shopping season this year. Thus, it is of significance to integrate the business. Generally speaking, as we can see nowadays, no matter for the Google, Yahoo or the Facebook, there is almost no one would prefer to open a physical store. After all, for the Internet, it emphasizes the convenience of network. So it may seem to be contradictory to open a physical store. However, with the rapid and successful development of the company of Apple, it stimulates other companies in fact. It is a hopeful company which owns the powerful physical stores and also the wonderful online shop meanwhile. There are some advantages for the physical Internet shop. Firstly, it can efficiently help the enterprise to promote their products. Secondly, the physical stores can also be beneficial for the sales volume. For example, Apple, MIUI and Samsung are the famous brand for the cellphone. They also have the idea of developing their brand by combining the operation way of online sales and physical stores sales.

To analyze the renaissance of the retail stores after the outbreak of coronavirus, there are some reasons. During the difficult time, we prefer to see more positive results. For the advantages of retail clothing stores, it is the physical store which can only afford the experience of making social connection with others. Before people are forced to be kept distance with others we know. What’s more, for the reason that the products on the Internet are counterfeit as reported, consumers pay more attention to the authentic products, which adds more opportunities for them to go back to the physical stores. In spite of this, the new technology also improves the experience of shopping at the physical stores. People may prefer to shop in the physical stores. Keeping social distance is one of the key ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. So, it is not difficult to predict that the number of people rushing to the physical stores may increase. People want to have the real experience of making social communication. So, why not catch this opportunity to improve the development of the physical retail stores? Though there may some challenges indeed, there are also some opportunities hidden. The use of clothing display racks in a clothing store is really common. It is difficult to find that there are no display racks in a clothing store.

The developing trend for the physical retail stores

OFF-WHITE, a fashionable brand which is welcomed by many famous stars, wins lots of consumers’ heart for its wonderful creative design of the store display. What I am trying to say is the new creative and wonderful store display may become the new tend for the clothing retail stores. This is a brand which is founded in 2012, aiming to combine the street fashion and the noble fashion. There is one thing that needs to be emphasized is the remarkable sign of the oblique stripe braking line on the clothes. No matter for the classical color of black or the color of white, the brand shows its special charm for consumers. Also, OFF-WHITE is also famous for its special them of religion. The main consumers are usually the students in college or the famous actor or actress. It is the creative street style which attracts them a lot. New Guards Group holdings S.p.A, owing the 53 percent stocks of OFF-WHITE, stated that its successful development depends on the powerful promote of the brand of OFF-WHITE. It is not difficult to conclude that the important factor for the successful development is the beautiful image of the store. Taking the OFF-WHITE STORE in Korea for example, it has the wonderful window display which attracts many consumers for their first impression. There are many white arrows decorations stacking at the side of the front gate. The bags on the display racks are shown clearly to consumers as well.

It is never too late to make some changes if you want. After analyzing the developing trend of the physical retail clothing store, it is easy to find that we should always keep the creative ideas and try to change something as the time went by. Clothing display racks are just like the extra point choice for a clothing store. With that, your physical store is more wonderful or lively compared with the non-decoration store. This is also why we always emphasize the existence of clothing display racks. They can be untied together with the clothes. To be more professional, in spite of providing the nice environment, your proper advice is also helpful for consumers. You should know more about consumers’ need by communicating with them. Or you can observe them by their dressing. Then you can guess the style or the color they like. Consumers are satisfied with the practical and useful suggestions given by you.

The developing trend for the physical retail stores

So, now we can easily conclude that the developing trend for the physical retail store is the pursuit of high-level and creative store display. Other factor such as the quality of products and product innovation is also important. Nothing is impossible in the world. There are some opportunities in any fields. We need to be the active person and learn to find the mystery around us. Physical retail clothing stores are meant to be successful with the wonderful image of the store.

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Originally published 20 Aug 2020, updated 20 Aug 2020.

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