The Combination of Multi-functional Men's Clothing Display Racks

06 Jan 2020

Nowadays, there are more women's clothing stores than men's, but it doesn't mean that women’s clothing stores are better than men's clothing stores. A successful men's clothing shop, not only need the door and interior decoration are very delicate and beautiful, but also the shop needs to move men, really attract men, so that the business of the shop will be good.

It is well known that men are not as keen on shopping as women. In general, men have a goal to go shopping. At the same time, men are not like women, they are keen to chat when shopping, and even become good friends with shopping guides. Men usually see that their favorite clothes are bought directly, so after they enter the shop, the salesperson only needs to directly ask what style they like and what style they like, and introduce them directly; while women's favorite styles should not only attract their own eyes, but also get the approval of their friends before they buy them.

Men's choice of clothing is more purposeful, generally pursuing simple fashion, business and leisure, while women are different, pursuing various styles, such as: sweet, fashionable, retro and simple. The diversification of women's styles is not equal to the managers who have to pay for choosing styles for men's and women's clothing.

The Combination of Multi-functional Men's Clothing Display Racks

According to the statistics of authoritative departments, China's population is 1.4 billion, and the ratio of men and women is 117:100. The huge population base itself constitutes a huge consumption market for men's articles. And 70s, 80s, 90s of persons, has become the mainstream group of men's consumption. They lead the fashion trend in China, and also lead the dressing taste of men aged 20-35 in China.

If the "meteor garden" of F4 more than ten years ago ushered Chinese men into the "age of masculinity", then today, the show of “Come on,good boy”, “Happy boys”, “My show” and so on ,Many beautiful boys in the performance prove that what attracts our attention in such programs is not only their singing, their makeup and perfect figure, but also the endless fashion clothing and personality accessories, all of which are announcing the coming of "men's consumption era".

Some people say that the men's wear market is a blue ocean that has not been fully developed, which is true. In the past, men didn't care much about wearing, and the renewal of men's clothing was very slow. However, with the gradual improvement of men's fashion awareness, the market demand for men's clothing is increasing.

Nowadays, when entering a clothing store, consumers will not only look at the quality of clothing, but also pay attention to the environment of the store. If the decoration effect is in line with customers' preferences, it will give customers a deeper impression and increase the success rate of clothing transactions. For the current clothing store marketing, it is not only necessary to rely on the hard speech of clothing shopping guide, but also to highlight the various characteristics of clothing through certain display skills. To let customers see the flash, they can be moved and have the impulse to buy.

It is said that the display of men's clothing shop is relatively simple in the whole clothing shop display, because it does not have too many patterns, only through different styles of display to show the style of products, so as to better attract the attention of consumers. But in the specific display, it seems not so simple, but if you have good clothing display racks, it is not the same.

The Combination of Multi-functional Men's Clothing Display Racks

Do you want your shop to attract attention? Do you want more customers to enter your store? Do you want to attract more customers to buy your clothes? Do you want to make the store display better? Here's a set of clothing display racks to realize your dream.

Our set of clothing display rack is composed of three display racks, which are mainly used in commercial men's clothing stores. The display frame is made of 201 stainless steel, with vacuum Gold-Plated Rose Gold and no fingerprint treatment. The size of the three clothing display racks are L1200 * W450 * H2400mm, L800 * W450 * H2400mm and L1200 * W450 * H2400mm. If you think the size and color of the products are not suitable for your shop, we can customize the products according to the size and color you need.

Our set of clothing display racks is composed of front hanging display, side hanging display and laminated display. The combination of front and side hanging can show the clothing more comprehensively and in many directions, so that customers can directly feel the material, color and style of the clothing. The display rack is divided into two layers, the upper layer can display luxury bags, exquisite ties, exquisite ornaments, roses and other small boutiques, while the lower layer is the hanger, which can put the items on the upper shelf and hang the clothes on the lower shelf.

Our set of clothing display racks is assembled from top to bottom, from left to right, and fixed with screws, which greatly reduces the volume and is convenient for transportation. What's more, our set of clothing display rack has multi-function, and its unique foothold can promote better taste.

The Combination of Multi-functional Men's Clothing Display Racks

This kind of clothing display racks can create a light and luxurious atmosphere for business men's wear. Compared with some disordered clothing stores, the whole store will feel clean and bright when using this kind of clothing display frame, giving a luxurious and comfortable feeling. As the saying goes, good horse with good saddle, good clothes also need good clothing display racks.

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Originally published 06 Jan 2020, updated 06 Jan 2020.

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