The Color of the Clothing Display Racks

29 Aug 2019

What color would you like your clothing display racks steel in your clothes store? Golden? Champagne Gold? Rose Gold? Black Gold? Or do you want to customize your own color?All of these,our factory can do it for you!

Most material of our factory's clothing display racks is stainless steel,customers can make their favorite colors according to their needs.

The color of the stainless steel clothing display rack in our factory adopts vacuum-plated. Here are its advantages:

1.The vacuum plating in our factory is more environmentally friendly than traditional plating. It does not need water as a medium. It uses less electricity, does not produce waste gas and does not cause environmental pollution.

2.The quality of vacuum plating in our factory is good and stable. Normally,it won't fade and its color is durable.

3.The vacuum plating color of our factory is various and bright, and you can always make the color you like.

4.The vacuum plating in our factory is fast, compared with the traditional plating reduced many processes, it can greatly improve efficiency.

5.Stainless steel surface lines are not affected, before color is mirror or wire drawing, after color surface lines are the same.

The Color of the Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 29 Aug 2019, updated 29 Aug 2019.

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