The Clothing Display Racks of Top and Ground

14 Sep 2019

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the current single traditional clothing display racks can not meet the needs of shopkeepers and customers!

Today's clothing stores not only sell clothes, but also integrate resources to sell shoes, bags and other items, which can not only increase store revenue, but also meet customers' needs for more choices of clothing matching!

Our side hanging and layer skillfully matched clothing display racks are very suitable for the diversified development of stores and the integration and utilization of store resources!

First of all, our clothing display rack is a double fixed design of ceiling and floor.No matter how heavy the items on the layers and how heavy the clothing on hanging,they do not need to worry about,they are very safe!

Fixed design of top and ground position, almost use the whole wall, not only makes the whole clothing display racks more complete visually, but also gives customers a sense of cleanliness and orderliness!

In addition to the top-of-the-ceiling design, there are also platform matching, shoes on the platform, and side hanging clothes echo each other, vividly showing people's dress matching in real life!

Besides, our side-hanging design is the first choice of fashion display rack design, and also the best display of another form of clothing! Side hangs can accommodate and display more clothes, thus providing customers with a variety of selection needs.

We also designed a layer of panels above the side hanging, which can display clothing magazines, small ornaments, flowers, bags and so on. This can not only enrich the color of the clothing display rack, but also bring benefits to the shop, killing two birds with one stone!

We also designed a multi-layer display rack to decorate the side-hanging clothing display racks on both sides. Multi-layer can focus on displaying a large number of shoes and bags. Different styles of shoe bags in different seasons can also provide convenience and reference for customers to match clothes, so that customers can choose their favorite clothes more comprehensively.

Our skillful combination of side-hanging and layer clothing display racks are simple in style but high in utilization rate. It can accommodate many varieties and many quantities of different products.

The clothing display racks of top and ground are simple and not simple,is the preferred clothing display rack for the diversified development of stores.

The Clothing Display Racks of Top and Ground

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Originally published 14 Sep 2019, updated 14 Sep 2019.

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