Thai Customers Modify Samples of Clothing Display Racks

27 Sep 2019

Thai customers saw the samples of clothing display racks produced according to their company's design drawings, and felt that the structure of the samples needed to be modified.

Yakky: Hello, Melissa. Nice to see you again.

Melissa: Yakky,nice to meet you, too.

Yakky: Are the samples of the clothing display rack ready?

TMelissa: Yes, in the exhibition hall. Let's go and have a look.

After looking at the sample of the clothing display rack and testing the sample...

Yakky: The sample is very good. I'm satisfied with the workmanship. But I want to modify the structure. The outer frame only has a small round tube which feels thin. The outer frame structure also has a little bounce. I want to change it into a double tube. Is that OK?

Melissa: Certainly. The structure of the double pipe will be more stable. Is there anything else that needs to be changed?

Yakky: No need to modify it, but I want to make two more samples. One is basically the same. All round tubes are made into square tubes. The other is made into round tubes with gloss rose gold . The base is changed into wooden base imitating marble surface. I want to see the effect and decide the quantity of each style.

Melissa: No problem. I'll arrange it as soon as possible. By the way, I would like to make some suggestions. Because this clothing display rack can adjust the height, I would like to suggest that we modify the way of adjusting the height. Now we use the screw to adjust the height at will. One of the disadvantages of this adjusting method is that the screw will loosen after a time, and the hanging rod will fall down and not be fixed. I suggest to change it to equidistant adjustment. We drill and tap the teeth at the same distance in the inner pipe, such as a height of 5 centimeters. We can use the screw to pass through the hole with the diameter of the big pipe to fix the height I need. This adjustment way the hanging rod is very stable and will not fall off.

Yakky: Yes, you're right. I'll think about it. It's your major.

Melissa: Of course, we specialize in the production of fashion clothing display racks. We have a lot of experience and expertise about fashion clothing display racks. We can exchange them at any time!

Yakky: That's great.

Thai Customers Modify Samples of Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 27 Sep 2019, updated 27 Sep 2019.

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