Standard for the Clothing Display Racks of Hanging Clothing

05 Sep 2019

There are many standards for hanging clothes of clothing display racks in clothing stores,We just need standards that are useful to us.

Let me introduce the recommended standards.

1.Clothing of the same type should be hung in succession with three pieces of clothing in full size.

2.Using the front-hanging clothing display racks to make the best pattern of clothing as outward as possible. The standard number of front-hanging is 3 pieces. One piece per yard is of the same color. The size is from small to large and from front to back. The uniform direction of hanging clothes should be uniform and the hanging clothes should be smooth.

3.when front-hanging clothes on the clothing display rack, hooks face left, and when side-hanging clothes on the clothing display rack, hooks face inward. The hanging tag receives clothes inside, each clothes space should be the same, each side-hanging display rack can hang 13-15 pieces clothes(summer or spring), autumn or winter clothes each side-hanging display rack hang 11-14 pieces, the same style 1-2pieces, pay attention to color coordination between different styles.

4.Owing to limited storage space or matching requirements, different styles (but the same fabric/color) of goods are often required to be placed on the same clothing display rack.If it is placed in the adjacent position, customers will not be aware of two clothes, mistaken for the same clothes, so it is easy to cause one of them unsalable. In this case, the following methods are used: two shirts can be placed and separated by 4 to 5 different types of goods or two shirts can be placed with different clothes.

Matters needing attention:

A. Clothing with larger sizes should be listed in popular sizes.

B. The hanging products should be kept clean. The creased goods should be ironed flat before they are listed.

C. Clear pins, clips and thread ends. Buttons, zippers or belts should all be in place.

D.For non-open-top or knitted goods, clothes must be placed by hangers from bottom to top.

E. The distance between side-hanging clothes should be between 3 and 5 centimeters.

F. The direction of hanger hook should be the same.

G. The hanging size sequence should be from the beginning to the end, from the small to the large, from the outside to the inside, from the small to the large.

H. Side-hanging clothes at both ends must be back-to-back.

I. Colour gradient of front-hanging clothes from outside to inside, from front to back, from light to deep, from bright to dark.

J. The color of side-hanging changes gradually from front to back, from outside to inside, from shallow to deep, from bright to dark.

K. The same kind and series of goods are listed in the same exhibition area.

L. Close to the hanging area, models should be placed to show the clothes hanging in the area.

M. Knitted fabrics are often deformed by long-term hanging. Shop assistants are advised to change exhibits frequently to prevent clothes from deforming due to long-term sagging.

Standard for the Clothing Display Racks of Hanging Clothing

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Originally published 05 Sep 2019, updated 05 Sep 2019.

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