Some Tips for the coming Labor Day

30 Apr 2020

As the Labor Day is coming, many people are cheering up for the reason that the holiday will last for five days and some of the visiting places are ready to reopen to public. According to the weather bureau in China, it shows that the weather is getting hotter and hotter as May is coming. So, people’s need for the new clothes in summer may increase. This will directly boost the sales volume for the clothing stores. Certainly, different new clothing display racks are also needed for some of the stores.

Some Tips for the coming Labor Day

Talking about the weather, in Labor Day, it is predicted that the temperature in most of the areas in east will be high, which will be more than about 25 degrees centigrade. Among which, in the south of Hebei province, it is predicted that May 1st will be the first day of high temperature this year. Especially in Xinjiang, the sunshine is very strong and the temperature is increasing as the time went by. No matter in the south of China or in the north of China, the weather will be getting hotter and hotter with the Labor Day is coming. So, let’s enjoy the time when we feel cool these days. Due to the change of the weather, there are some tips for your wearing. It is suggested that the city in the north such as Beijing, Xi’an, you can wear the clothes for spring which is comfortable. For the city such as Guangzhou or Nanning, it is suggested that you should wear the T-shirts or the shorts for the summer. Especially in the south of China, you should also remember to have the sunstroke prevention. Drink more water and avoid always under the strong sun. It is time to have your clothes changed and have a new start. If you have the consumption coupons, you can also use them in the clothing stores.

When it comes to whether people can go out for travelling during these special times, some experts have some tips for us. A researcher from the Centers for Disease Control in China, Feng Luzhao, expressed that it is safe for people to go out for travelling due to the situation is getting better. But people’s awareness of being infected should be always there. Some preventions are absolutely needed. For example, you can choose the time when there are not too many people. Also, when you take the bus or any other public transportation, you should wear your mask and keep distance between people. Always have the habit of washing your hands and keep healthy. When you have meal, you should also keep the distance between people and don’t talk too much. It is not suggested for the people who are old or for the pregnant women to go out. There are also some visiting places for you to go. If necessary, you can go to the natural park or the zoo. They are good choices for you to relax. Recently, it is reported that a special bridge built in Chengdu attract many people to visit. It is called the Wu Chazi Bridge. People are crowed with the bridge and it is dangerous if some of the people are infected. Thus, for the sake of people’s health, we should not go to the place which are crowed and noisy.

Some Tips for the coming Labor Day

Generally speaking, although the situation of coronavirus in China is controlled well, we should never neglect the spread from overseas. Recently, it is reported that people are getting together in Hei Longjiang province and Beijing. They are judged as the high-risk areas. Maybe you have questions about what is high-risk areas. For the high-risk areas, they are strictly controlled and some of the activities are banned. So, in the coming Labor Day, people can go out for traveling except for the high-risk areas. Li Lanjuan, an academician in China, suggested that people should stay in China this time. If necessary, you can choose some places which are judged as safe areas to visit. Due to the situation in foreign countries especially for the European countries is still serious, we should not go abroad. What’s more, now many students are gradually going to school. Some actions should be taken strictly. Taking the Education Bureau in Zhengzhou for example, the government announced that all the teachers and students should not go out to city during the holiday of Labor Day. It is said that whether the students in other grades can go to school or not depend on the efficient management during the holiday of Labor Day. Only all the preparations are taken well can the work be proceeded well later.

In fact, the holiday can really boost the consumption. Imagine that, this year, the Labor Day last for five days. It is a great opportunity for many kinds of stores. Taking the clothing stores for example, they may consider the new style of clothes in the shop. After all, people may get tired of the clothes which are still the style for last year. They want the new changes. So, the product innovation is necessary. What’s more, product promotion is also important. Try to have more selling strategies. You can combine the way of sales online and sales in store. It is convenient for all the consumers who want the choose their favorite clothes. In spite of the products, you should also consider that display tools. How to attract consumers’ attention? Why not choose the proper clothing display racks for your store? If you have any ideas, you can contact us and give us your wonderful ideas. We are the professional factory to produce the nice the practical clothing display racks for everyone in anywhere.

Some Tips for the coming Labor Day

From what have been discussed above, there are some practical tips for you in the coming Labor Day. You should know more about the weather in your city and have full preparations for your clothes in summer. Also, if you choose to go out for travelling, remember to have the prevention yourself.

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Originally published 30 Apr 2020, updated 30 Apr 2020.

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