Shop Lighting Design and Clothing Display Racks

05 Nov 2019

A city, a building, a landscape, a street, a shop, its characteristics are shaped by the light, but also attached to the texture of life lighting design to give a unique theme, style, depth, emotion, color and atmosphere. A shop, need to do enough articles in lighting design, so as to add points for the entire "vision" system. Friends who like shopping will find that no matter in the day or in the night, the store will be full of lights. Of course, it is not because of the darkness in the store, but because the lighting in the store can make the atmosphere in the whole store become "charming". The lighting effect can provide a comfortable atmosphere for shoppers. The display effect of the same item with and without lighting is totally different. In contrast, customers are easily attracted by the lighting stores.

In the shop, the light, like soldiers, also has its own position. Different angles of illumination will cause different visual effects. Lighting from different angles will also bring different feelings to customers. Many factors should be considered in the light distribution skills of the shop, not only the color rendering, color temperature, illumination and other factors should be paid attention to. Professional lighting design is the most appropriate location with the right lighting, so as to achieve profitable light. The decorative effect of the shop lighting can improve the aesthetic value of the clothing shop, and can play a role in changing the sense of space and giving space personality. Therefore, lighting is one of the important tools for store atmosphere design. Different lighting decoration design can bring different effects, which is very particular. Different shops have different decoration styles. Of course, there should also be different lighting design, and it should be consistent with the overall image of the store. The role of lighting in the store is not to be underestimated. As we all know, clothing display racks are used to display items. When many shopkeepers choose clothing display racks, they often associate with the lighting treatment,first of all, the customer's first intuition sight is important. Therefore, the color of the light on the item must be fresh and fresh to the customer, which makes people have a strong desire to look at the item again!

Our display cabinet is composed of multi-layer display boards. One of the highlights of this high cabinet is the lighting design. In various stores, it will definitely make consumers bright and attract consumers' attention! High quality white back plate and laminate can show the items on the display cabinet under the illumination of light, which makes the items on the display cabinet more dazzling and improves the overall image of the store!

Shop Lighting Design and Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 05 Nov 2019, updated 05 Nov 2019.

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