Shoe Display Shelves in Retail Stores

07 Sep 2019

Do you have such worries? Is there not enough light in the shoe display shelves in your shop to make your shoes dim and dull? Do you have to wear wires and light on every floor of the shoe display shelves in your shop to make people feel dangerous of electric shock? Now let me introduce a shoe display shelf to solve your troubles.

Shoe display shelf is a pyramid structure,we don't need to arrange lights on every floor, but shoes placed on the bottom can also be uniformly illuminated by lights.

Our pyramid structure is the most stable, it is closely linked layer by layer, its bracket is a small round pipe, in order to ensure the balance of forces while reducing the blind area of vision, so that customers can enjoy the shoes 360 degrees. Its wooden laminate is surface plate, no redundant materials, simple and environmentally friendly. This shoe display shelf is removable, small size and easy to install. It can be fully installed with a screwdriver without the need for wiring.

They are different from the clothing display racks.The clothing display racks just hang clothes,but this pyramid shoe display shelf can also be used as a bag display shelf, but also can be used as a goods display shelf.

Shoe Display Shelves in Retail Stores

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Originally published 07 Sep 2019, updated 07 Sep 2019.

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