Ready to reopen in Italy

26 Apr 2020

Recently, the prime minister in Italy announced that the country will be reopen in May 4th. Affected by the COVID-19, Italy is a country which many people are infected, which results into the economic recession. We know, Italy is called the fashionable country which many famous clothing brands and clothing academies are from here. The market of clothing display racks is also greatly connected. As for the prime minister’s announcement, people from many other countries have their comments. Is it necessary to reopen the country?

Ready to reopen in Italy

The prime minister, Cont said that he would like to announce that all the production is resumed right now. However, considering that the outbreak of coronavirus maybe out of control, he also noted that it is the irresponsible decision for all the people in the country. Thus, the decision will meet for the all the areas in the country and it will also consider the different condition in different areas. The details will be announced later. Let’s look back the situation in Italy during the outbreak of coronavirus. Since the number of infected patients is getting bigger and bigger, the country should need to be closed, which many social actions are also canceled. Long before, Italy had already asked China for help during the outbreak of coronavirus. China, as the cooperative partner of the Belt and Road with Italy, provided much medical supplies and sent more medical workers to Italy. The situation in Italy is still seriously. According to the authentic reports, it is still out of control that many medical workers in a nursing home run out together, which results into that many old people died for hunger. This kind of pheromone may damage the image of Italy. From another hand, this also express that the situation in Italy is really seriously. Honestly, to better control the situation, all the countries should take their obligatory responsibilities.

So, since the announcement was declared by the prime minister in Italy, different people from different countries and areas hold their different comments. In Europe, People think that the close of country cannot be the long-term policy. Thus, many countries are trying taking the action of unbanning. Taking the Austrian government for example, thousands of stores are allowed to resume operation since April 14th. But the shopping malls and the barbershop are allowed to resume operation until May 1st. While for the Czech government, they have the plan of three steps. First, the small size of stores can be resumed in April 20th. Second, the big size of stores can be resumed in May 11th. Third, the restaurants and shopping centers can be resumed until June 8th. Different areas should also have different actions. While in other countries, for example, in China, people are doubt about that. They think the action of resume production is too early that the situation of coronavirus may be more seriously as a result. Whatever, no matter what kind of comments, they should take the practical situation into consideration for the sake of the public. After all, the public is the strong power to support the government.

Ready to reopen in Italy

Milan, the big city in Italy, is also the central of fashion and art in the world. Many famous brands like Armani, Versace, Prada are originated from this city. In spite of this, many famous and great institutions are also here to attract many students. During the outbreak of coronavirus, people are seldom to be seen in the street. Aldo, a citizen living in a central town of Milan, likes to play music at 6 pm every day. People living near would like to listen and enjoy the relaxing time together. They stand or sit in their own place each other. Whenever the show is end, everybody will clap and cheer up. Aldo said that he started to realize that all the isolation is getting meaningful. Although the music cannot save people’s life, it actually brings hope and beauty to everyone. We know, in Italy, the situation of coronavirus will be announced to public at 6 pm every day. People may feel upset about that. So, during this time, they would like to play music and make fun with others. The clothing market in Italy is greatly affected which many famous clothing brands are trying to make some innovation. By the way, if you are the students who are going to choose the major of clothing design, there are some suggestions for you that you should notice the current truth and have full confidence about your learning. After all, where there are challenges, there are opportunities.

Clothing display racks are the necessary display tools in a clothing store. When it comes to the clothing market, we should not neglect the truth that it is also affected. It is reported that Uniqlo will close more than 270 stores in Chinese market. H&M will close all the stores in Wuhan city. Under this situation, many merchants are trying starting to have some changes. Not only for the product innovation, the story of brand also needs to be designed well. Other potential customers are also the useful power to promote the sales volume. Clothing display racks are the necessary tools for a clothing store. Why not thinking about the most proper display racks for your store? The biggest province which produces the clothes in Italy, Prato, declared that the production volume was decreasing in the first two seasons in 2019. Most of the clothing companies in Prato are Chinese. Some others are the companies from Italy. During this time, it can be said that it is the challenge for the clothing merchants. Also, it is the opportunity as well. Only if you try to make some changes can you still own the consumers.

Ready to reopen in Italy

In conclusion, no matter what we are doing, we should always take the actual situation into consideration. It is still a question whether Italy should reopen the country during the outbreak of coronavirus. However, not only in Italy, we are still hopeful that the situation will be controlled well and have a new start. After all, the development of social economy depends on the production.

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Originally published 26 Apr 2020, updated 26 Apr 2020.

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