Our Display Racks on South Korea TV Series

31 Aug 2019

Our display racks are well-known on South Korean TV dramas, which is our factory's honor, and this is the act of product quality recognition of our factory.

Now let me introduce the display racks in the TV series.

Figures from left to right are: sofa, corner table, tea table, clothing display racks, porch display racks, product display rack. All products are 201# shinning stainless steel vacuum-plated Titanium Gold. They make the whole company glittering and luxury.The structural design of these display stands is quite special.All the products used in this TV play are made by our factory's pipe laser cutting machine. All of them are cut by laser to penetrate special-shaped holes. They can hardly see the weld scar, that traditional cutting machines can't do. The traditional cutting machine can't make such a good quality. This TV play only chooses our display stands after watching our good quality.

Now,I'd like to introduce three sets of tables, corner table, tea table and porch display stand in this TV play. They are a series of products which the materials and methods are the same. Their frames are made of 20*20MM square pipe, and the inner tubes are made of 7MM circular pipe. the angles of the small circular pipe are changed according to their sizes,so the three of them show different shape and feelings. A set of display racks in this TV play matches very well and is very beautiful!

Their sizes are L500*W500*H500MM, L1200*W600*H380MM and L1100*W400*H800MM.If you think the size and color of the product are not suitable, we can customize the product according to the size and color you need. Welcome to customize with the drawings.

Our Display Racks on South Korea TV Series

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Originally published 31 Aug 2019, updated 31 Aug 2019.

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