My Opinion on Clothing Stores and Clothing Display Racks

18 Nov 2019

After talking to the owner of the clothing store, I'm glad to share what I know about running the store and the clothing display racks.

When my friends and I were shopping at the mall yesterday, we passed by a clothing store. They,not only sell women's slippers, bags and trousers, but also men's suits. Among them, their clothing display racks attracted me. These dress show wear is to be made with sandalwood,frame is very big, make the classification of dress in perfect order is put. It is said that this is a high-end clothes display rack, no wonder these clothes look so gorgeous.

Since I was really interested in clothing stores since childhood, I asked the boss some questions about how to run a clothing well. She told me that the beauty of a peacock lies in its tail; The beauty of clothes lies in display. The store's sales are also due to proper display! Now a good exchange of some experience on display summed up, hope to help more people who want to manage the clothing store.

First of all, I have consulted the purpose of terminal store display. Display helps customers to carefully observe,touch and feel goods.Through display,let customers have a specific understanding of goods, promote sales.And show outstanding features of clothing to customers to attract their attention and further arouse their interest.What's more,it can represent the popular information, product information to the customer,let customer keep up with the pace of the popular. Finally, through the Display of theme changes,give customers a fresh and interesting feeling. As for the store layout, it's in order to observe the main direction of customers into the store flow route should be smooth, guide customers into every corner, as much as possible contact with goods. The channel design should be long, the goods are accessible, clear at a glance, easy to touch, and easy to get. The corner put colorful cloths to attract customers. Model vacant corner can be put in the model group shop, side hanging long in the middle can be a hanging.

There are three basic principle of store display. It's according to the internal pattern of goods series partitionon, the color and partition by new and old money. The display of the store has several updating principles. The model needs to be replaced once a week. The sample is being changed three times a week. The shelf display is adjustd locally every two weeks. Store layout adjustment once a month. Promotional POP is displayed in the store immediately. Expired POP must be removed. Seasonal advertising posters amd light box paintings should be replaced regularly according to the company's requirements. Outdated holiday decoratons should be prompyly removed from stores.Maintain and update display items. The shoes in the fitting room are updated according to the season.

Models must be displayed in groups,generally 2 to 3, and the material and color must be unified, the models to be displayed in groups should wear the same series of clothing, a small number of models to be displayed alone and adjacent areas such as rack, booth clothing display photogragh echo.2. Model dress must fit, and inside and outside collocation is complete, clothing tag to put inside the clothes. If the cloths worn on the models are sold out, replacement styles should match appropriately with dress echo harmonious deserve to act the role of prop, make show more human nature. Pay attention to the display of grops with the models must be timely, outdated display props to evacuate the scene. The placement of models should be adjusted according to the actual position of the store, trying to face the place where the guests come. Many models put at the same time, do not side by side together, can have a little before and after poke the feeling, as far as possible the performance of dynamic life to change some in order to attract customers.

Match act the role ofing to act the role ofing to show the key point is to pass detail, reflect delicate grade, accordingly match the detail of act the role ofing to arrange especially important. The tag of the shoe should be put in the inside of the shoe, the shoe should be affixed with transparent sole glue: buckle the shoe button, fasten the shoelace; the filling material inside the shoe cannot be exposed, the high boot should be filled with special bracket. The backpack should be neatly arranged. The tags should not be exposed. All belts must be unpacked. Hamg the leather belt that shows on adorn article wall,note to want to maintain balance in length, width, amount, a hang is displayed 2 to 4 leather belt are more appropriate, before narrow after wide, length is consistent or before short after long. Must be iron level off can cooperate model or be being hanged collocation to show, also can be hanged to be put in adorn article wall. Hang the scarf that is placed on adorn article wall, scarf notices to use appropriate detail gimmick, enhance show effect. You should offen pay attention to the glasses, wallets, and other trinkets in order to maintain cleanness, can cooperate model or be hanged tie-in show, also cam use in special adorn article rack.

There are also some problems should be avoided in display. Products without serialization, living collocation, no appeal can not express the concept of consumption. Rigidly does not have the association to display the thing, the product is mixed and disorderly pile up together, can give the customer generation presumptious guest usurp the host, the theme is ambiguous, farfetched feeling. Damaged or out of season posters should be replaced. In the wall, mirror, shelves, window glass, etc. Should not be posted decoration paper, notice,etc. Specific special and full price display area units and signs should be clearly defined. If the number of display is out of balance, more will be crowned, less will be few. The display area of commodities should be adjusted reasonably at the beginning and the end of the season. Illumnant maladjustment, damage, illume should natural reductive effect, misdirect consumer.

My Opinion on Clothing Stores and Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 18 Nov 2019, updated 18 Nov 2019.

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