Multi-functional Clothing Display Racks

13 Sep 2019

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of clothing taste is becoming more and more diversified.

As the green leaves of the clothing flower, our multi-functional clothing display racks just meets the needs of customers and display clothing in many ways!

First of all, our multi-functional clothing display racks are composed of front-hanging display, side-hanging display, layer display and storage cabinet.

Front-hanging display can show clothes positively and comprehensively, giving customers a direct feeling, so that the style and color of clothes can attract customers to stay for clothes for the first time!

Layer display rack is designed under the hanging, which can display folded clothes in another way to show different forms of clothes. Layer boards are also similar to gift boxes, and visually improve the quality of clothing. Clothes placed on different layers can also play a role in classification, and look more neat and beautiful!

Side-hanging is designed beside the layer display rack. Side-hanging can accommodate more clothes to provide customers with a variety of needs. Side-hanging also shows another form of clothing!

Under the side hanging, a storage cabinet is designed, which can accommodate different sizes of clothes, as well as the packaging boxes and gift bags of clothes. It is also more convenient and fast in the process of sale and packaging.

A layer of panel is also designed above the side hanging, which can display small items, clothing magazines sold in stores, flowers and so on. It can not only enhance the atmosphere of the whole clothing display rack, but also add color to the stores, so as to attract customers!

Front-hanging display, side hanging display and layered display show different forms of clothing in different ways, so as to meet customers'needs for clothing selection. Such a multi-functional front and side-hanging composite clothing display rack, more suitable for the needs of diversified markets!

Multi-functional Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 13 Sep 2019, updated 13 Sep 2019.

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