Maintenance Methods of Wooden Clothing Display Racks

03 Sep 2019

We should maintain the wooden clothing display racks in the retail shop, prevent fading and scratching, and keep it as new as ever.

Why do some clothing stores use wooden clothing display racks for years and they look new?While it doesn't take long for you to crack, deform or even turn yellow. That's because you haven't maintained them properly.

Now I will introduce the maintenance methods of wood products and clothing display racks.

1. Wipe gently with dry and soft cotton cloth every day, clean with twisted wet cloth for a period of time, and finally coat with a thin layer of Polish wax.

2. Avoid direct sunlight. This maintenance method is not suitable for wooden clothing display racks, and it is suitable for all furniture. Because long hours of sunshine tend to dry and crack furniture, pay attention to this detail when placing or installing furniture.

3. Avoid using chemical solvents to remove stains. Wood products are liable to produce stains because of their special performance. If there is a stain on the surface of wood products, do not wipe hard, or for convenience to sprinkle chemicals directly. But this not only scratches the Polish but also damages the furniture.

4. Avoid damp environment. It is easy to flood indoors in summer. At this time, wood products can be separated from the ground by thin glue.

5. Avoid being scratched by hard objects. There are some details when you clean or take things away, you must be more careful. Do not let hard metal products scratch wood products.

6. Keep away from heat sources. People in the cold winter, especially in the north, will experience heating. But when it's warm, keep the heating equipment away from the wood products by 1 meter so that the wood products can not be baked for a long time, so that the wood will crack, deform and the paint film will deteriorate locally.

Maintenance Methods of Wooden Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 03 Sep 2019, updated 03 Sep 2019.

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