Increase Sales by Using Clothing Display Racks

12 Nov 2019

In addition to having an efficient sales strategy, I believe that the appropriate clothing store decoration style is essential.

How to improve the total sales of clothing stores? How can we decorate the clothing store to attract more customers and increase our sales? If you are troubled by this problem, read this article together!

The decoration display of the clothing store is the key to attracting customers, and the main facility for building the decoration of the clothing store is the clothing display racks of the clothing store. Using a good clothing display racks to show the clothing store's clothing to the customer in the best position, how can the clothing store use the clothing display racks stand to better increase the sales volume? Let's take a look at it today.

Apparel collocations must convey the brand culture as well as provide guidance for consumers. This is the need of consumers and the needs of the brand. Quickly form the "directivity" of the collocation, the most important part is the processing of the details. Whether it's the position of a model or the accessories that echo the clothing: glasses, watches, scarves, hats, shoes, all kinds of bags... and even other clothing that can produce consumption-oriented. The most direct effect of the successful collocation guide is sales. When people agree with the brand style, they agree with the brand clothing collocation method, and promote the joint sales for the clothing franchise in the established sense of identity.

Each model shows different status of young men and women, the position setting uses cross-station, each model is self-contained. However, in the accessories and color details echoed coordination, men and women with red as a coordination element to form an overall matching effect. Consumers can directly copy according to the matching of each model's clothing, thus narrowing the distance with consumers and directly promoting consumption.

To achieve a quick match, you also need to create a narrative conflict for the window. The model and the model create an atmosphere through the clothing, so that the models have a relationship, not loose, describe the relationship between the two in the details of the clothing, such as the echo of an accessory. The connection between a pattern and the movement of the models creates a sense of tacit understanding between the models.

The display mode of the store is closely related to the sales. The clothing distribution display method of the series is presented to the consumers with the most intuitive matching effect. The overall style is coordinated and unified, and the large color blocks are patchwork, which is convenient for consumers to choose and can promote joint sales. This is what every qualified display designer knows, but how to quickly realize the division of the store space, clothing mix, color distribution? This is what a high-end display designer needs to master.

One of the solutions is actually very simple: echoing the window. By copying the matching of the clothing in the window, the store is divided into different areas, as well as different wall surfaces, hanging display, and then complemented by other replacement products that can be matched with it. A quick and easy store display is complete.

Through the ingenious design of clothing franchise matching and display, the clothing store can convey the cultural connotation of its brand to the customer to the greatest extent, and can also fully display the beauty of the clothing, while creating a comfortable shopping environment, Inadvertently improved the performance of the clothing store.

When designing clothing display racks, also design the ceiling. The ceiling can create the beauty of the clothing store, and also cooperate with the space design and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment. Therefore, it is very important to its decoration. When designing the ceiling, consider the material, color, and height of the ceiling. Especially noteworthy is the color of the ceiling. The ceiling should have a modern feel, be able to express personal charm, pay attention to the overall mix, and make the elegance of color reveal. Young people, especially young professional women, like the color of cleanliness; young high-ranking men emphasize the youthful charm of clothing stores, and use lighter colors such as primary colors. The ceiling of a general clothing store is preferably light pink.

The design of the clothing display racks should also be against the walls. The wall design mainly has the choice of wall decoration materials and colors, and the use of the wall. The wall design of the clothing store should be coordinated with the color content of the displayed goods, and be compatible with the environment and image of the clothing store. It is generally possible to set up display cases on the wall, install display stands, install some simple equipment, and place a part of the clothes, or use them as a display stand or decoration for goods.

In general, not only the design of the clothing display racks, but also the overall style of the clothing store must be integrated. For the clothing store, in fact, the first thing to be determined is that the overall tone, color or style should be planned and designed. It should be in line with the type of clothing to be sold, and also consider what kind of age customers can be attracted, etc. Be sure to locate accurately before deciding to decorate.

For a clothing brand, a good clothing store design often gives consumers a better experience. Then, the decoration of the design clothing store is particularly important, not only to meet the consumer's visual experience, but also to match the style of the clothing brand. Therefore, to improve sales, style design is a key point.

Running a clothing store is not a simple matter, but before everything gets better, we have to go through some unhappy days. This may be a long time, maybe just wake up, so be patient, give good luck a little time. Believe that the end of everything will be a good thing, if it is not a good thing, the description is not yet final. After mastering these skills, let’s run a clothing store together.

Increase Sales by Using Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 12 Nov 2019, updated 12 Nov 2019.

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