How do you show merchandise at a clothing store

22 Mar 2020

To achieve the sales targets at a clothing store, there are some steps for you to follow, including designing the store well to attract customers’ attention, showing and introducing the products to give rise to the desire of purchasing, offering after-sales service to satisfy customers’ need. Among which, it is of great significance to show merchandise at a clothing store. It can be said that if you make full use of the clothing display racks or the display tables and decorate them well, merchandise at the store may be easier to be noticed by customers.

How do you show merchandise at a clothing store

So, how to show the merchandise at a clothing store? Here are some suggestions for you. To begin with, you have to know more about the clothes in your store. According to the fashion cycle, you can firstly recommend the clothes which are welcomed recently to the customers. Also, the size, the price and the property of clothes should also be grasped in case that customers may ask you. After grasping the certain knowledge of the clothes, next you should also consider the way how to show the merchandise. Clothing display racks should be chosen properly. According to the special design of your store, you need to think about the texture, the type and the color of the clothing display racks. The skills of showing clothes at a store may be listed as follows.

Focus on the lighting design. Maybe you have ever heard about the famous saying that the flowers are more beautiful and attractive with the help of the green leaves. So, no matter how wonderful the clothes are, they will not attract customers’ attention if there aren’t any lighting design for showing the clothes. The clothes at the store cannot give out the light themselves. The light on clothes are from the color of the lighting. Such examples can be seen commonly. For example, the clothing brand of Oyll which mainly sells for the women’s clothes, is welcomed by many fashion girls for its wonderful design and the power of showing women’s individual charm. The integral design of the store is the shape of a circle just like a stage. When you come into the store, you can feel that you are the focus of the store and there are many wonderful clothes waiting for you to choose. The lighting design on the top is also collocated with the circle and there are many tiny white spotlights shining the clothes. For the reason that the colors in the store are mainly the blue and pink, they choose the white light that is suitable for them. What’s more, there are also some balloons as decorations near the clothes. The balloons with the spotlight can also be attractive and lively which can also help to show the merchandise at a store. For the clothing display racks, no matter the wall-mounted one or the floor-mounted one, they are the both the color of gold. The clothes on the racks are seemed to be wonderful and attractive.

How do you show merchandise at a clothing store

Try to have the proper layout. It means that the store should be divided into different areas. At a clothing store, the layout is connective with customers’ shopping habits. When customers come into the store, they firstly may want to find the attractive clothes. Thus, there should be the areas for showing the clothes, areas for resting, areas for service. And they should be divided clearly. The entrance of the store is suggested to be clear enough so that customers can look around the store directly. Also, you have to consider the convenience for customers walking through the store. According to the style of your store, you can design the layout as well. For example, if your store is the style of nature and relaxation, you can use the main color of green and put more plants at the store. The furniture or the fixtures in the store can be the environmentally friendly one that people may feel comfortable and relaxing. If the style of your store is the urban independent personality, you can widely use the bright color in the store. Taking the clothing brand of Goldlion for example, it is the brand mainly for the men’s clothes and it is famous all over the world. At the store, the display tables are placed at the front and there are some cocktails and flowers on them as decorations. These can show the men’s elegance and create the atmosphere of dignity. What’s more, the clothing display racks are the stainless-steel with the color of rose gold. They are convenient to show the ties or the shirts and the business suit at the store.

Make full use of the clothing display racks. From what have been discussed above, it is not difficult to find that clothing display racks are necessary at the clothing store. Different kinds of them have different functions to show the merchandise. We know, there are not only the clothes in the clothing store, there are also the hats, belts, shoes or many more. Thus, you have to make full use of the display racks or the display tables. The famous clothing brand Youngor, the clothing display racks at the store are the durable and practical racks which are made of stainless-steel with the color of rose gold. As the clothes are mainly for the men, this kind of clothing display racks are suitable and help to show the clothes to customers.

How do you show merchandise at a clothing store

In conclusion, for a store, the successful design at a store is the most direct way of advertising. Clothes are important in our life and they are the necessities. Nowadays, customers are likely to prefer the clothes which can show their identity and beauty. Thus, the way of showing the clothes is important. Only when your merchandise at the store catch customers’ attention can they purchase them. To show the merchandise well at a clothing store, you need to know more about your products and focus on the lighting design. What’s more, try to have the proper layout and make full use of the clothing display racks or the display tables.

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Originally published 22 Mar 2020, updated 22 Mar 2020.

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