How do you set up clothing display racks

How do you set up clothing display racks

Date: 26 Mar 2020 | Tag: clothing display racks

Have you ever wondered that how to set up the clothing display racks well in the clothing store? We know, as the different types of the clothing display racks, there are also the different standards for installation. According to the style of your store, you should take the height, the width, the footing, or the color of the racks into consideration. We will support the service including production and installation and many more for you. Only when you set up the clothing display racks well can they truly realize their own values.

In a clothing store, the height of a clothing display rack determines the height from the top bar to the bottom bar. As we know, the display racks are mainly used to show the clothes to consumers, so the height of the rack should be suitable for different clothes. It is suggested that the clothing display racks which are about 1.2 meters are suitable for the shorter clothing such as shirts or pants. It can be convenient for consumers to choose these clothes on the racks. However, for the clothes which are longer such as dresses or coats, you can choose the clothing display racks with the height of 1.8 meters. To be honest, for many kinds of clothes, the racks which are 1.5 meters are also available and suitable. Certainly, if there are any changes, you can contact us and we will set up it well for you. In spite of the height, the width of the clothing display racks should be focused on, too. It can be said that the width of the rack determines how much clothing can be stored upon the rack. If your clothing store is large enough with many kinds of clothes, you can choose the wider one. In other words, the smaller size of the store can choose the racks which can store less clothes. Choosing the proper clothing display racks can help you a lot in the later sale. Well begun, half done. You can contact us directly and we will satisfy your need.

Another important factor for the clothing display racks can be said to be the color. The differences between colors can help to show another thing attractively by people. Our main products are the clothing display racks which are produced for the brand of Youngor and the brand of Goldlion. They are both made of stainless-steel with the color of rose gold. Certainly, you can get your racks in color to match the look or your store or apartment. If you are interested in having your clothing display racks color coated, please contact us directly. The match of clothes and the racks should be properly. Also, the color of the display racks should not be too attractive which it may affect the clothes themselves. For the clothes which are colorful or attractive, the clothing display racks should be light-colored, vice versa. Taking the brand of Youngor clothing store for example, they are the stores which mainly sell for the men’s clothes. The color of the clothes is mainly dark and simple. They pick the clothing display racks with the color of rose gold is exactly a wise choice. The display racks can help to show the clothes in the store and make them more attractive and energetic. That is the match of color in the store. So, if you want to set up your clothing display racks well, you should also consider the functions of the color of clothing display racks. Certainly, it will be much better if you add some other wonderful decorations in the store.

For the wall-mounted clothing display racks or the ceiling-mounted clothing display racks, you should set up them well. If you have the well design of them, they can make your store more wonderful. You have to make sure that the racks on the wall or on the ceiling are safe enough to hang on the clothes. Some settled holders should on the racks. The weight of the clothes should also be focused on. Thinking about that, the wall-mounted clothing display racks or the ceiling-mounted one can save much space in the store. What’s more, they can be more attractive if there are some special design on them. For example, on the wall, in spite of the clothing display racks, there should be some other decorations. I have ever seen a clothing store that there are some nice clothing display racks which are all the wall-mounted one. At the top, it hangs a nice sweater which are shown with the wonderful spotlight. Because it is hung on the top, it is easy to be found by consumers. Next, in the middle, there is an idler wheel shape of the rack and it hangs some beautiful clothes there. Besides, there are two clothing display racks with the decorations of some flowers and pictures. The clothes are hung in the way of lateral. Thus, if you try to set up well the clothing display racks and decorate them in the special way, consumers will notice and then want to pick their favorite one.

Keep in mind, you are selling an aesthetic product and you need to make a good impression to attract potential consumers in form the street. The window display is necessary for a clothing store. The clothing display racks which you set up well can be placed in the glass-fronted window. What’s more, there should be the good display equipment. For a clothing store, the clothing display racks or the clothing display tables are the necessary and nice equipment.

In fact, in a clothing store, there are not only the clothes for sale. For example, the glasses, hats, belts, shoes or some others can also be seen in a clothing store. Thus, the display racks should be well set up to help to show these products to consumers. You have to consider the height, the width, the color, the decoration and even many other ways. If you have any ideas, welcome to contact us and we will give you a wonderful answer.

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