Girls’ Aspirational Wardrobe and Clothing Display Racks

24 Mar 2020

Every girl wants to have a beautiful wardrobe which includes all kinds of wonderful clothes and shoes or hats, glasses and many more. We want to be the attractive one when we meet others. A Chinese actress, Zhang Tian ai, Crystal, maybe you know, she is a beautiful girl and has many famous works. Lately on the TV show, it is reported that she likes to tidy up the clothes at house and she is good at recycling the old clothes. People want to have the wardrobe like hers. In fact, clothing display racks can be seen at her house obviously, we can also have one to tidy up our clothes daily. Having a good habit of tiding up the clothes can keep us in good mood.

Girls’ Aspirational Wardrobe and Clothing Display Racks

Crystal said that the clothes in her wardrobe are all ironed by herself. She always wants to keep them clean. When she is free, she will stay at home and iron the clothes. What’s more. The clothes in the wardrobe are hung on the clothing display racks according to the different colors. On the top, there are many different types of hats. Then in the middle there are T-shirts or shirts or the coats. At the bottom, there are many kinds of shoes. They are all placed tidily just like you are in a wonderful clothing store. She also mentions that during the COVID-19 nowadays, she cares about the clothes much because we may wear them going around different places. Thus, it is necessary to clean and disinfect them frequently. On the TV show, she tells us that she uses the 84 disinfectant to clean the shoes even for the shoe sole. They are clean and white enough just like the new one. People are surprised about her wardrobe. In spite of these, when she goes back home, she is accustomed to covering the shoes with the cloth in order to keep the place clean. Also, she recommends us a very helpful tool at her wardrobe. That is the ultraviolet radiator. It is a radiator which can produce ozone and then eliminate the acarid or any other virus from the clothes. With this tool, the clothes can be cleaner and comfortable when you wear them. Certainly, the ultraviolet radiator can also be used in a clothing store where there are many clothes in it.

There is not only a single one wardrobe in Crystal’s house, another one is also charming. We know, girls all want to have the new clothes and there may be a lot of clothes at house. You should know how to tidy them up and keep clean. As we can see from the TV show, another wardrobe in Crystal’s house is decorated well by herself. Not only for the clothes, there are also some other photos or flowers in it. What impressed me most was the socks on the closet were folded well just like the new one. She mentions that she has a skill about keeping the clothes clean. She uses the shopping bags to cover the clothes so that they will not be affected by the dust. What’s more, she also mentions that the clothing racks should also be cleaned. Clean them with the soft cloth and keep dry. Only when clothing racks are clean enough can the clothes be good as well. What we can learn from this is that we should pay attention to tidy up the clothes when we have time. It can not only keep them clean, but also keep us in good mood and feel relax after the tiring job. Crystal said that she feels peaceful and relaxing when she pays attention to tidy up the clothes.

Girls’ Aspirational Wardrobe and Clothing Display Racks

If you focus on her microblog, you can also find that Crystal is also good at recycling the old clothes. Although the clothes are dirty or old, she can change them into the fresh one and can continue to be used. For example, if your white shirt gets dirty and it is difficult to clean away, you can try to cut them and changed into the headband. You know, girls always like to be the special and fashionable one. The white headband on the head can be attractive and it is also convenient to wash face and make up for the girls. Also, the rest of the cloth can be the short shirt collocated with the skirts. That is the recycling use of the old clothes. Other clothes just like the T-shirts can also be changed into the bags. Ideas are everywhere. With the more attractive clothes, we can decorate the wardrobe more beautifully certainly. Maybe you can put some plants or the flowers in it. Pictures or photos are also good choices. Just imagine that, when you come into your own wardrobe, you can feel the clothes are just waiting for you to be chosen. Isn’t that a good experience? However, you should also pay attention to the protection of your wardrobe. I mean you should always keep clean. Especially during the COVID-19 nowadays, disinfectant is necessary. Having a good habit of tiding up the clothes can keep us in good mood.

When it comes to the clothing display racks, they are also needed to be disinfected nowadays. Different people have possibility to touch them and the virus maybe laid on the surface of the racks. Especially for the clothing display racks in the clothing store, customers may try the clothes on the racks. Thus, always keep the habit of tiding clothes and keep clean can make you feel relaxing or pleasing.

Girls’ Aspirational Wardrobe and Clothing Display Racks

In conclusion, just like everybody has their dream, we should work hard and take action to make it come true. Girls maybe looking forward to have the nice wardrobe themselves. Why not learn some skills of tidying up clothes and recycling? You many get interested in it when you really start to take action. Having a good habit of tiding up the clothes can keep us in good mood. What’s more, always keep the environment clean. It is good for our health.

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Originally published 24 Mar 2020, updated 24 Mar 2020.

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