Flexible Clothing Display Racks

12 Sep 2019

The supermarket is a very popular and common fashion sales mode and channel in the current shopping mall.

Our four-arm front-hanging clothing display racks are especially suitable for the supermarket or H&M,Zara,Uniqlo,Gap and the other famous brands.

Easy to install and ultra-flexible is our biggest advantage of this four-arm hanging clothing display rack! Four clothes display poles and ground metal fixing plates can be disassembled. This volume is very small.There is no need to worry about the transportation between different vendors in different locations. The assembly is also very convenient and fast. It is easy to disassemble and install,and it is easy to operate and does not consume long time.

Front hanging can also better and more comprehensive display of clothing, so that customers can directly feel the clothing, so that the style and color of clothing can attract customers for the first time!

The hanging pole adopts inclined design, which makes the clothing hang up with a more hierarchical sense, and the four hanging poles are evenly distributed, so that there is enough space between clothing and clothing without extrusion, giving customers a neat and beautiful feeling, and also accommodating more people to choose clothing at the same time!

The hanging rod is of moderate length and can accommodate a large number of clothes to meet the needs of large stores. Our four-arm hanging clothing display racks also has the function of lifting and shrinking height,It has nine adjusting heights and one adjusting heights of 50MM,which makes its applicability very wide. Whether it's short children's clothes, long women's clothes, big men's clothes, whether it's skirts, coats or trousers can be used. This also makes our four-arm hanging clothing display racks suitable for a variety of different lengths of clothing!

Besides, the stability of our four-arm hanging clothing display rack is also excellent. Thickened metal fixing plate on the ground, uniformly distributed four hanging rods and fixed connection between them all provide guarantee for the overall stability of the rack. Simple style, high utilization of materials, cost will be relatively saved, but give people a sense of generosity!

Flexible Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 12 Sep 2019, updated 12 Sep 2019.

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