Did you obtain the consumption coupon

21 Apr 2020

To better expand domestic demand and boost the development of social economy, the government is taking action which benefits for the merchants and the consumers. Lately people are busing getting the consumption coupon. With that, consumers can enjoy the discounts when they buy something. This is widely used in many fields including the supermarkets, clothing stores, canteens and many more. For the clothing stores, there is no doubt that the clothing display racks are the practical helpers to introduce the products when consumers are crowed with the store.

Did you obtain the consumption coupon

In Foshan, there is a schedule for people to know about the time to get the consumption coupon. According to the official statistics, more than 91 percent of people who get the coupon choose to consume in eating. Although some of them are from different places, they hurry to Foshan to enjoy what the consumption coupon brings to them. In fact, consumption coupon is a kind of special coupons, which is seemed to be the tool for boost the development of social economic. When the social economic is in recession, government or the enterprise will give out the consumption coupon to people as the payment document when they consume. Especially in the outbreak of coronavirus these days, many factories or stores are ready to resume production in China. From the perspective of merchants, they consider that the action of giving out the consumption can really help them to have more consumers, which may do well in the sales volume. When it comes to the government, it is also the necessary action to efficiently boost the development of social economic. Due to the spread of coronavirus in foreign countries is seriously, the consumption direction should turn to domestic market. Thus, the government should try to enlarge the domestic demand for consumption. As far as the consumers concerned, they can enjoy the discount with the consumption coupons and they are also the beneficiaries.

Why the government comes up with the idea of giving out the consumption coupons? As we already know, the COVID-19’s impact on economic is inevitable. In China, investment, consumption and export are said to be the three carriages to boost the economic development. But during these times, they all suddenly suffer a setback. Spring Festival, which is considered as the golden time for consumption, also miss the great opportunities. Although now the condition is our country is getting better and many factories, companies or stores are ready to resume operation, it is also necessary to have the prevention of the coronavirus. Thus, to realize the target of economic recovery, some practical actions should be taken. Now, some of the effective policies are coming on. As the conference of Political Bureau of the Central Committee emphasized that we should expand the demands actively and stimulate the consumption. So, the idea of giving out consumption coupons is mentioned by people. For many of the people, they may be unfamiliar with the conception of consumption coupon. It is said that this kind of action is taken efficiently in many other countries when the development of economic is in recession. Just like in Japan in 1999, the government gave out the 6194 hundred million yen as the promotion coupons for some of the areas. With such successful experience, it seems that the consumption coupon is the efficient tools for the boost of economic recovery.

Did you obtain the consumption coupon

Actually, to efficiently stimulate the consumption and have the right attitude to consume, people should take practical condition into consideration. For most of the consumers, they had to stay at home for a long time before and it helped them save much money during this Spring Festival. Now they would like spend money on what they like. This is a common phenomenon for most of the people. With the consumption coupon, the consumers are crowed with the stores or the restaurants. To be honest, not only in Foshan, many other cities also have this kind of activities for consumers. In Xiamen, it is reported that there are two main consumption coupons for the merchants. One is for the government subsidies. Merchants can get the subsidies from the electronic platform. The other is the application from the merchants to the proprietor. Merchants can get the free rent. In Wuhan, the city gave out 5 hundred million as consumption coupons, which gave rise to the warm welcome by people. Some people may have question about why the government choose to give out the consumption rather than the cash. It is said that the cash will be distributed unfairly which will result into trouble. In other words, the consumption coupon can efficiently boost the consumption and promote the cash flow.

Taking the clothing market for example, some of the clothing stores are also connected with the consumption coupons. To attract more consumers, they not only work hard on the online sales, but also put forward more concessional activities. What’s more, now the weather is getting warmer and warmer, people’s need for clothes is also increasing. It is predicted that the market is going to be active. Merchants should catch any opportunities to have the product promotion, including the display of the products, design of the store, etc. Clothing display racks and many other display tools are also welcomed by many merchants. They want to attract more consumers to the store. Talking about the clothing display racks, we have strong confidence that the market is helpful and potential. Welcome to contact us and give us your wise ideas.

Did you obtain the consumption coupon

Form what have been discussed above, as the new trend of consuming, merchants should catch all the opportunities to have the further development. As far as the consumers concerned, they are the direct power to boost the recovery of social economic development. So, it is of great significance to suggest more beneficial activities for them. After all, we are living in an earth sharing the same destiny. Especially during the outbreak of coronavirus, we are getting more familiar with each other.

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Originally published 21 Apr 2020, updated 21 Apr 2020.

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