Design Idea of Wedding Dress Clothing Display Racks Two

25 Sep 2019

The design concept of wedding dress clothing display racks are to hang wedding dress on the racks with high, stable, good load-bearing, high-end modelling and high-grade.

Take on the last one.

Jack Smith: Please pay attention to the dress area. The dress clothing display racks in my dress area are slightly different because the walls are gypsum walls. We need to find keels to fix on the walls on the spot. The walls of the dress display racks in this area need to be movable.

Melissa Lian: Okay, I'll make movable wall fittings for you. You can fix them anywhere you want on the spot, without restriction.

Jack Smith: Great.

Melissa Lian: Are there any other areas that need special attention?

Jack Smith: By the way, the heavy wedding area. This wall is all marble walls and windows, the foot of the wall should be careful to avoid joints between windows and marble.

Melissa Lian: Okay, this requires your company to provide the exact window size and marble size of this wall.

Jack Smith: Okay, no problem. We have this exact size here. Any other questions?

Melissa Lian: No problem for the time being. We'll arrange the drawings for you according to your plan and make an accurate quotation for you.

Jack Smith: Great. Working with professionals is efficient. It saves time, effort and cost. Looking at your quality, you won't disappoint me. We are a global chain brand. This store is the first cooperation. Through today's contacts and exchanges, we believe that we will continue to cooperate for a long time, because you are very professional in making fashion clothing display racks.

Melissa Lian: Great, thank you. A pleasant cooperation

Design Idea of Wedding Dress Clothing Display Racks Two

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Originally published 25 Sep 2019, updated 25 Sep 2019.

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