Coronavirus’ impact on Economy

28 Mar 2020

Recently, different countries all over the world are still worried about the coronavirus. It is reported that Australia sees its biggest rise in coronavirus cases in one day as the number soars 24% to 568. What’s worse, the Australian dollar exchange rate declines a lot. The US Stock Markets are also getting worse for several times. Taking the clothing market for example, the prospect is unpredictable. However, clothing display racks are certainly still the powerful tools for the clothing stores.

Coronavirus’ impact on Economy

Let’s focus on the confirmed cases in Australia firstly. Only for ten days, the confirmed cases, cumulative daily count rush from 5 to 700. What’s worse, it is reported that the cruise ship named Golden Princess docked in Melbourne. There are more than two thousand passengers on the ship. What calls for attention is that some of the passengers already appeared to be the potential infected person. The cruise ship has been denied permission to disembark in Melbourne as health officials board to test a number of passengers with flu-like symptoms. One of the passengers from this cruise ship said that a few passengers had already touched with the confirmed patients. So, all the people on the ship cannot leave for the ship only when they are tested to be healthy. He also expressed that he was looking forward to leave form this ship as soon as possible.

It is also reported that the passengers on the Golden Princess cruise liner were barred from disembarking at a New Zealand port on Sunday because of a suspected coronavirus case on board, health official said. New Zealand’s director-general of health, Ashley Bloomfield, said that three passengers have been quarantined by the ship’s doctor. The minister of health in Australia has already claimed that the passengers form the ship as well as the passengers form the plane should be quarantined for more than 14 days. Before the coronavirus, people’s health is the most important thing. It is no need to emphasize the freedom or the human rights. Thinking about that, the coronavirus’ impact on economy is ruthless. As a result, the trade between different countries have to be canceled for many reasons. But it is necessary because human being’s health is the most important.

As the outbreak of coronavirus, Australia’s coronavirus epicenter cancels all non-essential events and face-to-face meetings as gyms, swimming pools and libraries shut their doors. You know, Australians all like to run around the sea or swim and have fun outside. But nowadays, these are all banned. Also, all international flights into and out of Australia will be banned from March 30th, with Mr. Morrison saying he was hoping to remove a major risk factor for the virus’ spread. With the cancel of the international flights in Australia, many workers are forced to be leave, which may cause a lot of people lose their work. Qantas has told the ASX it will stand down the majority of its 30.000 staff until the end of May. Workers will be forced to take annual leave or sick leave if they are to be paid. This can directly impact the development of the economy. The coronavirus affects our life and even the development of the country.

Coronavirus’ impact on Economy

Talking about Australia, we can easily associate the incident of the hill fire in this year. In fact, it is reported that the fire was started from July last year. The severe fire was put out until February this year. According to the authentic information, about 400-hectare forest was burned there are more than 12-million-hectare land was also burned. In spite of these, there are more than 5 hundred million animals died in this hill fire. If you think that the end of fire means the end of disaster, you are wrong. Actually, as the specialist claimed that although the fire had been put out finally, there are 4 main hidden danger left.

Firstly, from what had been discussed above, a great sum of land is burned as well as the plants and animals. Many precious species are lost. Taking the koala for example, they are said to be the treasure in Australia, but there are more than 8 thousand koalas were died. The government is considering to list the koala into the endangered species. Secondly, the greenhouse effect was enhanced, which may result into many complicated phenomena. For example, Everest in China had something different as reported. This area started to be affected by the plants. But you know, it is the area where is not suitable for the plants to grow. It means that the process of global warming is quickening. If the glaciers are melted, it will directly affect the people who live depend on this source of water. Thirdly, the revenge from the animals is coming. As we can see, the bats in Australia were getting together to rush into one of the big cities in Australia. People in the city are afraid of them and they must stay at home for a time. What’s worse, the locusts were also getting together to destroy the crops. Fourthly, it may also result the pestilence. All these may directly affect the development of economy for a country.

For the clothing market, without the trade between foreign countries, especially for the famous clothing brand, it may have some influences. However, it is necessary for you to have the clothing display racks in your store. They are needed to be disinfected often and make sure that the clothing display racks are clean enough. In China, the things are getting better now but we should also always pay attention to our health. In case for the abroad cases, the prevention is also important. In the public, wear the surgical mask and keep the distance between people. We should thank for the medical care personnel who take care for the patient’s life.

Coronavirus’ impact on Economy

In a word, we cannot ignore the fact that nowadays we are unified together and we share the same destiny all over the world. If one is in trouble, we should try to help each other. Only when we get together and tackle with the problem can we really win the fight. Maybe this is a test for everyone in the world, we need to become stronger and stronger. After all, we are still hopeful that the coronavirus’ impact on economy is just temporary and it will become much better after that.

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Originally published 28 Mar 2020, updated 28 Mar 2020.

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