Combination of Popular colors & NR Products

17 Sep 2022

Speaking of the colour, There are the regular stainless steel surface colours for electroplating of NR Display products: Glossy titanium, Brushed titanium, Glossy champagne gold, Brushed champagne gold, Glossy brass, Brushed matte brass, Glossy golden, Brushed golden, Glossy golden brown, Brushed golden brown, Glossy chrome, Brushed chrome, Glossy dark brown, Brushed dark brown, Glossy light golden, Brushed light golden, Glossy grey steel, Brushed grey steel, Glossy black steel, Brushed grey steel, Bronze, Red bronze, Yellow bronze, Black bronze, Glossy brown, Brushed brown, Glossy rose gold, Brushed rose gold, Brushed matte rose gold, Brushed glossy red bronze, Sandblast steel, Irregular texture titanium. Glossy titanium is the most popular colour of NR clothing display racks/ display shelf and commercial furniture.

Combination of Popular colors & NR Products

I love the colour of the year 2022 - Very Peri so much. Therefore a photo came out. Glossy titanium Stainless steel commercial chair, Glossy titaniumStainless steel hat rack (Hat and coat stand) and wooden clothes display model (Mannequin) which is wearing a Very Peri colour dress. Some people say that looks cluttered and unfocused by stacking so many colors together. My point of view is that life requires you to have the ability to discover beauty, feel the beauty and appreciate the beauty. Whether styles like simple, monotonous, complex, contrasting, retro, or popular, you alway can fine the balance of them to match and makesomething unique in your life.

Influenced by Pantone Colour Of The Year 2022:Very Peri , I found a advertising method : use Pantone Colour Of The Year as the product background. Blue and yellow are mixed to be green, red and green are contrasting colors. Blue and red are blended into purple, yellow and purple are contrasting colors. Similarly, yellow and red are mixed to be orange, blue and orange are contrasting colors. In this way, 2022 year's colour Very Peri is highly compatible with the Glossy titanium gold NR Display Stand and display shelf products. You can see the contrast in the picture below. The lightness of the flower contrasts with the rigidity of the metal. That means there is no right or wrong for particular thing, only if you like it or not. In the past 11 years, NR has produced countless products that have been shipped all over the world. Nowadays it still plays an important role in displaying products in different stores. I believe that every client got the desired return because of our products. That is what a professional custom-made cloth display stand manufacturer should do.

Combination of Popular colors & NR Products

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Originally published 17 Sep 2022, updated 17 Sep 2022.

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