Clothing Foreign Trade during Coronavirus

16 Apr 2020

As the COVID-19 is spreading rapidly all over the world, especially in America, there are great influence on foreign trade between different countries. The clothing market is also affected, which results into the dilemma of relevant industry. By the way, clothing display racks are still the powerful tools for the clothing store, we know. Under the outbreak, many merchants are trying to search for new solutions to maintain the trade although they are greatly impacted.

Clothing Foreign Trade during Coronavirus

Firstly, many oversea orders have to be canceled. Wang Moly, a leader of a clothing foreign trade company in Zhejiang, complains that the order form has being canceled these days. The loss is nearly one million which annoys her a lot. With the orders are canceled, the company is unable to own too much workers. So many workers are told to leave unfortunately. We know, textile clothing is one of the pillar industries in Shaanxi and they are also greatly impacted by the outbreak of coronavirus. It is reported that a worker in a textile clothing industry thought that it would be a new beginning as the virus in domestic was getting better. But most of their orders are from the countries in Europe. Now the condition in Europe is getting worse and they are in trouble. The less the order, the less money they will get. This means that it is hard for them to maintain the formal trade. From another hand, for the larger scale enterprise, they need to invest more to upgrade industries and adjust the structure, which will increase the burden for them. Taking the clothing brand of H&M in Europe for example, the order in May had been canceled, including the clothes in late summer and in autumn.

Secondly, the burden of overstocked products. Especially for the clothing market, they are easily influenced by the trend. It means that the more overstocked clothes, the more loss. Consumers are not satisfied by the clothes which are left behind the fashion. They want to be the creative and special one before others. Now people seldom go out for shopping and this directly decrease the flow of the products in the store. What’s worse, the orders are being canceled frequently, the clothes have to be placed in the stock. Just like the brand of Nike, it is announced that all the retailing stores in America had to be closed in March 15th. Mr. Xu, a leader of a clothing factory in Ningbo said that now he had no idea what he should do next. Thinking about that, in January and February, 2020, the coronavirus in China is getting worse. At that time, the factory in domestic had to be close for a time. The consumers in overseas are calling for the orders urgently which increase the burden of production. After the condition is China is getting better, now the condition in European countries are getting worse. The consumers started to cancel the orders even for the late April to June, which will be also a great burden for the clothing companies.

Clothing Foreign Trade during Coronavirus

Thirdly, the limitation of physical distribution. Due to the speed of the coronavirus is spreading quickly, many countries take action to limit the trade between other countries. This will directly limit the physical distribution for many other factories. We know, according to the data from WTO, China is still the biggest export country for textile and clothing. Many factories in China mostly depend on the overseas market. Thus, the limitation of physical distribution means that many factories in China have to get loss. In fact, now we are living in an earth which everyone shares the same destiny. Generally speaking, we all have connection with others. It is said that before the clothes are sent to the consumers, actually they had been travelled all over the world. Only if one country is influenced, other countries are also connected as well. Except for the overseas market, the domestic market is also the key factor for the development. For example, many merchants are considering to have the consumption coupon to stimulate the consumption. We have to be confident and hopeful that the condition will be better for the next. Now they have to think about the new ideas to have the further development.

In terms of the problem which are mentioned above, some practical actions are needed to be taken. In fact, now the country is taking action to help the foreign trade enterprise, including the support of money, the decrease or the free for tax. By the way, the factory itself is also suggested to be confident and help themselves. For example, the store needs to change the selling way. What’s more, try to expand domestic demand and stimulate the consumption. In Dongguan, hu men, many workers in the clothing store are trying to recommend the clothes anywhere at any time. The boss is also the salesman to recommend the products to consumers through the social platform like the We-Chat. They have been working hard to decrease the loss as much as possible. Although there are challenges, the opportunities are also existing if you try to think about the new ideas. We know, the clothes are produced through the certain process. At first, they are just the cloth After the process, they become the clothes that we like to wear. There are also many relevant factories just like the textile factories, clothing factories, clothing display racks factories and many others. They share the same destiny now under the economic globalization.

Clothing Foreign Trade during Coronavirus

To be honest, where there are challenges, there are also the opportunities. I believe that the clothing market will be much better after a while. Never lose confidence and try to have the product innovation. Make full use of the clothing display racks to introduce the wonderful clothes to your consumers. Online selling is also another good way to show the products. Maybe one day it will become the fashionable trend for people who are interested in the clothes.

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Originally published 16 Apr 2020, updated 16 Apr 2020.

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