Clothing Display Racks with Their Own Lights

15 Nov 2019

Maybe a lot of people think that the clothing display racks are a little bigger clothes shelves , nothing much. We all have things at home, what is good to promote. But everybody does not know dress shows wear to bring light diffused , with the clothing display racks in the home but not identical.

In the process of the evolution of human civilization, human beings are becoming more and more prominent, and various industries are developing rapidly. Continuous innovation, improve product quality, new items into the endless. As the ancestors laid a good foundation, the clothing industry developed well and successfully played the important role of the clothing display rack. But just over a decade ago, the clothing industry was on the verge of bankruptcy. Why is that?

Original, every businessman used dress to show rack, and at that time dress style is little, style is about the same, although some businessman buys a few entrance dress, what everybody also feels and oneself country is not different, still be inferior to those who buy oneself country to produce, still cheap. Each is basically the same, where to buy is not to buy, just pick a good. John lee is one of the owners of these clothing stores, his family also imported a lot of foreign clothes, foreign style of clothing, but the sales are not high. He looked at the store every day sad business, worried about the white hair. He has a family to feed! He is the sole source of income in the family. When the clothing store collapsed, his wife and children would not have enough to eat. Her child's academic record is excellent, can't let her study home, that her life is over. The more John lee thought, the sadder he became. Back home and forced laughter to adjust the mood, do not want to let his wife and daughter worry. John lee's wife cooking waiting for John lee to go home, John into the house facing the family temporarily forget the trouble. After dinner,John 's wife is cleaning up the kitchen. The daughter is doing a small manual, school homework, need parents to help. John just have nothing to do, and his daughter do small manual work. The school asked them to make a small dress, hat and so on at home, let them know how their clothes came from, and also to introduce to everyone, to judge the most beautiful and attractive. John was very happy when he heard this. It's so simple. I have seen so many clothes that my daughter can finish them very well.With a plan in mind, John started to help her daughter design patterns and prepare fabrics, and soon a little skirt was made. John thought it was perfect so he told his daughter to put it in a bag and take it to school tomorrow. However, the daughter said to John , "Dad, I think there is something missing to decorate this small dress." John and his daughter can not think of a lack of what, John let her daughter go to wash and sleep first, tomorrow will go to school. The little dress was put on the bedside table before the daughter went to bed. John went to his daughter's bed before going to bed to help her cover the quilt, to turn off the bedside lamp when he noticed the small clothes, found in the warm orange light, clothes have a different feeling. John was overjoyed by the discovery. The next day, John lets the person make the dress that takes small shoot the light to show rack. After two days, the new clothing display rack was made. John had it carried to the shop and set out his new little dress. Turn on small shoot the light, let the waiter shout propaganda to the door, newly luxuriant lady outfit, fair maiden temperament dress. Everyone thought it was new and was amazed when they entered the store."Wow! His clothes look good! Black velvet high collar slim body long skirt chest gem inlay small broken diamond ornament in the set off of lamplight, revealing noble elegance. I must get one for my mother, and that lady dress is so sweet. I must get one, too." The store was filled with shouts of approval, and John watched the business change. So John's business got better and better. On the way, he improved it by using different colors of lights on the clothes, which made the effect more perfect.Dress shows the effect that the shelf shoots the light is very big also, a lot of people did not realize its important. Easy to be ignored small lamp, but it happened to be able to give clothes cover on a layer of hazy soft coat. This coat is just can not be ignored.

Some people may ask, can't I put a lamp on the top of the shed? Must it be on the clothes rack? Of course installation is in shed top is not not ok, but it and dress show the small shoot the light on the shelf to differ somewhat. The small spot light can be more direct and more stealthily illuminate on the clothes, the ceiling light is to add some atmosphere to the whole clothing store, the two meanings are different.

On the way, he improved it by using different colors of lights on the clothes, which made the effect more perfect. Generally speaking, the small spotlights on the clothing display shelves are an indispensable part of a store. If the clothes can't even attract the attention of customers in the process of purchase, then the good clothing design collocation is of little use.So dress shows wear and dress show the small shoot the light on the rack is very necessary.

With their own light clothing display racks,you deserve it!

Clothing Display Racks with Their Own Lights

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Originally published 15 Nov 2019, updated 15 Nov 2019.

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