Clothing Display Racks of the Successful Stores

11 Apr 2020

With the development of Internet, the rapid development of e-commerce has been promoted. In recent years, it is an indisputable fact that physical stores have been impacted by e-commerce. Online shopping is gradually affecting the real economy. Many owners of physical clothing stores say that business is not easy to do now. It's sooner or later for e-commerce to replace physical stores. Even some physical shopkeepers close physical stores early and turn to e-commerce. But do physical stores really have no living space in front of e-commerce?

Clothing Display Racks of the Successful Stores

In fact, it is not the so-called crisis. Only when there is danger can there be a turning point and an opportunity. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. As long as we correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of physical stores and online stores, and know each other and friends, we believe that we will be invincible. Physical stores have their own traditional advantages, but these traditional advantages are far from enough, and they need to create new advantages. They also need to use these advantages to attack e-commerce, in order to share a share of the benefits in the wave of e-commerce!

Now let's talk about the advantages of physical stores and online stores.

First of all, there are many clothes in the online store, and then they can be sold or they can be delivered. That's why many online stores are located near the large wholesale market. One distribution can concentrate goods from multiple sources. A few hundred and thousands of clothes can be found in one online store, but even 50 clothes in one physical store are difficult to open, because one clothes has multiple colors and sizes, which can be seen from this aspect It's obvious that the online shop won!

Secondly, online stores can integrate middle-aged and old people's wear, young women's wear and young girls' wear, and can also be compatible with Korean version, European and American style, Chinese style and other styles, and can easily control different types of different qualities; while physical stores have a limited area and can only operate a small part of so many categories, which is obviously the winner of online stores from this aspect!

Moreover, online stores are national competition, and doing well is the business of the national market, but the competition is fierce, and it is easy to be eliminated if it is not done well; while physical stores are regional competition, which is small and easy to succeed, but with few customers, it is easy to fail if it is not maintained properly. From this point of view, online stores and physical stores are equally matched and no win or lose!

Clothing Display Racks of the Successful Stores

Finally, online stores don't need the rent of physical stores, and clothes are cheap. But now the advertising fee of online stores is far higher than that of physical stores, and online clothes are more expensive than that of physical stores. In this way, physical stores have more development space and potential!

To sum up, it seems that online stores are better. But as the saying goes, "it's easier to open a store than to keep it." according to the report on it construction of e-commerce in Chinese enterprises, about 10000 online stores are forced to close every day in China. On the one hand is the clamorous tmall Jingdong Mall e-commerce platform financing for listing, on the other hand is many small online stores closed quietly. It's not easy for online shopping consumers to enter the online shop. It's comparable to the opportunity to search for needles in a haystack. Even if they enter the online shop, there are few transactions. Finally, they have made a deal. How rare is it to try to make them become repeat customers!

Besides, although online shopping is convenient, there are risks. We remember the difference between the Buyer show and the seller show. In online shopping, we can only see the pictures and can't see some details. The seller will definitely show the perfect side of the clothes to the consumers. Generally speaking, big brand clothes don't need to worry about these problems. They usually use the combination of online and offline consumption. The quality of clothes is the same and more reliable. But compared with some small brands or high imitations, it is difficult to guarantee that the style is the same, but the quality is not the same.

In the physical store, the quality and details of clothes can be seen and touched. If there is any problem, you can go to the store to negotiate directly, which is time-saving and time-saving. There are many people like to buy clothes in physical stores. One of the great advantages of going to physical stores is that you can try to buy clothes that you like, and you can obviously see the effect. This is still the superiority of physical stores!

How can we stand out in many clothing stores, successfully attract customers' attention, and make the clothing stores have a bustling flow of people? It is necessary to have excellent decoration and unique clothing display. Consumers will stay in a clothing store. It must be the decoration style of the store or the exquisite and unique clothing display racks that attracts their attention. These things will resonate with consumers, and then have the interest to understand the products on the display rack, so as to successfully attract customers to enter the store. This is the first and most important step to a successful sale!

Clothing Display Racks of the Successful Stores

A good, suitable for the development of clothing display racks in the shop plays a decisive role, is also an essential tool for excellent clothing display, but also an important factor to improve the success rate of physical stores!

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Originally published 11 Apr 2020, updated 11 Apr 2020.

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