Benefits of Plate Laser Cutting Machine to Clothing Display Racks

25 Oct 2019

With the increasingly fierce competition in the current clothing industry, clothing brands demand more and more personalized clothing display racks, which need better and higher-end clothing display racks to set off the value and grade of clothing.

The clothes in clothing stores are basically the same now, but the clothes displayed in different stores give people completely different feelings. Why? The biggest difference is that because of their different decoration styles and use of clothing display racks, different clothing display racks have different ways of clothing display, different display ways show different clothing feelings, in the final analysis, or the clothing display ways are different, and the clothing display racks as an important display tool play a decisive role.

According to the personalized requirements of people for the clothing display rack, our factory has not only three-dimensional pipe laser cutting machine, but also plate laser cutting machine, Plate planer machine and bending machine to meet the special needs of customers, so as to make the appearance of the clothing display rack that customers think become reality. In the previous article on August 26, 2019, we introduced the help of 3D pipe laser cutting machine to clothing display rack. Now let's introduce the benefits of plate laser cutting machine to clothing display rack.

1. Due to the limit of pipe size and specification, some special pipe sizes or oversized sizes need to be made of plates, which requires plate laser cutting machine. The plate laser cutting machine has accurate dimensions, so as to ensure that the size and shape of the garment display stand are the most beautiful.

2. The plate laser cutting machine can make all kinds of craft words or craft pictures, and can also cut brand and logo on the plate, so that the clothing display in the clothing shop has different display style.

3. The plate laser cutting machine can complete the processing of various complex structures, and does not need to open the mold, only make the diagram on the computer, the product can come out immediately, that is, it can quickly develop new products, but also save costs, it can turn what customers think into reality, increase the feelings with customers, and close the relationship with customers.

Plate laser cutting machine is very helpful for our factory to produce clothing display racks. It can help us to complete a lot of irregular products and make our clothing display racks constantly updated.

Benefits of Plate Laser Cutting Machine to Clothing Display Racks

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Originally published 25 Oct 2019, updated 25 Oct 2019.

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