Beautiful Clothes Hanger Storage Rack in Clothing Display Racks

19 Dec 2019

A man depends on his clothes and a horse on his saddle. The first impression of people's first contact is from clothing. It can be seen that clothing is so important, and clothing is also the best business card. It can reflect a person's social status, economic situation, internal cultivation, and overall temperament. Clothing is the product of fashion. It is not only a material that can be seen and touched, but also a spiritual thing and a culture.

Clothing shop is one of our daily shopping destinations. Generally, we choose whether to enter a clothing shop mainly depends on the "eye edge", that is, the overall design effect and comfortable atmosphere of the clothing shop. The display of clothing display racks is very important for a clothing shop. It can not only improve the decoration taste of the clothing shop, but also bloom the style that the clothing should have Charm.

Every hero fails to pull through beauty pass, as the Chinese saying goes. Everyone likes beautiful things. They will be less resistant to beauty, and they will pay special attention to things with good image. This is especially true for clothing stores. A clean and tidy clothing store will make people feel comfortable. The orderly display in the store will enable customers to select their favorite clothing at a glance, which is very important for the performance improvement of the store. To create a clean and comfortable clothing store display is inseparable from the role of clothing hanger display rack.

Beautiful Clothes Hanger Storage Rack in Clothing Display Racks

A clothing store contains thousands of clothes, which need hangers to display. With the exchange of seasons, the clothes in the clothing stores will be changed, so the quantity will increase or decrease, and the storage and classification of clothing hangers is also an inevitable problem. Clothes rack is an indispensable part of clothing display rack in any occasions such as clothing store, retail store, shopping mall, etc. clothes rack is a silent contribution but also an important indispensable item of clothing store.

A good clothes rack display rack that can meet the needs of the development of clothing stores must not only accommodate a large number of clothes racks, but also be a beautiful, convenient and durable display rack. Clothes store with clothes hanger storage rack can not only improve the cleanliness of the store, cultivate good storage habits of employees, improve the efficiency of employees, but also improve the overall image and temperament of the store.

Now I'd like to introduce a large capacity clothes hanger storage rack, which is used for clothes display rack. It is made of 201# stainless steel and has four colors: black gold, silver, rose gold and gold. Its size is L400 * W400 * H1000. If the color and size are not suitable, we can make it according to your needs.

Beautiful Clothes Hanger Storage Rack in Clothing Display Racks

Our hanger base is made of stainless steel plate, and heavy iron plate is used to increase the weight of the hanger storage rack of the whole clothing store, so that the whole shelf is stable and not easy to fall, greatly improving the stability of the hanger display rack. The four corners of the base adopt the arc angle design, which effectively prevents the customer from kicking and ensures the user's safety.

We also installed four pulleys at the bottom of the shelf, two of which have their own brake function. It can not only move at any time, but also fix the brake in the position to prevent sliding, which facilitates the different needs of employees in the use process.

Our clothes hanger storage display rack has four vertical bars, two of which can be directly passed through and placed flat close to the base, and two vertical bars can be hung on two layers of hangers respectively, which greatly improves its storage capacity and can store a large number of hangers at the same time. The four vertical rods are evenly distributed with reasonable spacing, which makes people feel not only beautiful but also orderly.

Beautiful Clothes Hanger Storage Rack in Clothing Display Racks

Our clothes hanger storage display rack can be divided into four vertical poles and a base, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. And after unpacking, the size is: L1000 * W450 * H80mm, which is very small and convenient for transportation.

Such a clothes hanger storage display rack is a necessary product for clothing stores. It can not only meet the development needs of the store, improve the cleanliness of the store, but also contribute to the overall image and temperament of the store!

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Originally published 19 Dec 2019, updated 19 Dec 2019.

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