8 Best Clothing Display Racks for Your Store

29 Aug 2020

8 Best clothing display racks Designs that are the best fit for your store when it comes to design. Clothing Display racks come in many different shapes and sizes but you must choose the best ones to enhance the look of your clothing store. Besides Layout of the store, fixtures are most important for clothing outlets as there is no other way to present the outfits to the people except fixtures like clothing display racks, mannequins, dress forms, and hangers. Based upon the market trends and target audience, below mentioned clothing display racks are considered as optimal racks for clothing stores worldwide.

But let us first discuss the two main categories of Clothing Display Racks. The categories are:

Portable Clothing Display Racks

Unportable Clothing Display Racks

8 Best Clothing Display Racks for Your Store

All the racks fall under these two basic categories. Here are the “8 Best Clothing Display Racks” for your stores:

Rolling Garment Racks:

Rolling Garment Racks are used in clothing stores and outlets as well as in fashion industries or cinematography. These are convenient portable display racks as they allow you to hang both small and big outfits. Customers convenience comes first so many outlets these days use Rolling Garment Racks to display their products. People can easily pick their best outfits from these racks because of their attractive design. They’re also easy to move which helps the retailers to move these racks without much difficulty.

These racks are mostly used to display shirts and coats but they provide you the ease to display almost any of your products through hangers.

Single-Rail Clothing Racks:

Single-Rail racks come with only one rail and are more beneficial in crowded areas or stores. Single-Rail racks are one of the most durable clothing racks. These are used to display jeans or a bulk of t-shirts. These racks can store a lot of outfits while fitting in small areas.

They can be placed anywhere in the store according to their needs.

Multi-Rail Clothing Racks:

These are the best racks in terms of displaying all kinds of outfits in one place. As their name reflects, these racks have multiple rails in which you can store your products.

They have upper hooks to store shirts and upper wears in them. These racks also have lower rails to store shoes and other stuff. Some of these racks come with three rails in which the first one is used to store shirts, the lower one is used to display bags or wristwatches, and the last one is used to display shoes. Multi-rail tasks are often unportable. They’re mostly used in stores that cover shoes and other accessories as well. Some types of multi-rail racks have wooden bottoms that allow you to store more stuff.

8 Best Clothing Display Racks for Your Store

Spiral Racks:

Spiral Racks are one of the best-looking racks when it comes to design. They’re often available in silver or chromium colors. They’re very stylish and easily catch the attention of the customers. Retailers place their best outfits on these racks to grab the attention of the people visiting their outlets. These racks have swirls on which hooks are present for hangers. Spiral racks are commonly used to display upper wear. These racks also act as the main highlight of the outlet as they provide a sleek look at the outlets or stores.

Spiral racks are unportable racks and are usually placed near the entrance or reception area of the stores so they can become a focal point for the eyes of the visitors.

Round Racks:

Round racks are often termed as “Half-Round” racks as they come in both shapes. These racks are very unique as they provide a 360 degrees angle of view to your customers so their eyes can shuffle up in all the outfits stored in these racks with just a single glance. These racks are made by rounded steel pipes on which the outfits are stored through hangers.

These racks are more common for displaying the kid’s outfits. They can store a lot of stuff in very little space. Most parents come in the stores with their babies so, these racks make things easy for them as they provide an overview of all the outfits. Hence, they can pick the best ones for them easily.

8 Best Clothing Display Racks for Your Store

Spinning Racks:

Spinning racks are also rounded portable racks. These racks come with a lot of additional features and are used to store small-sized stuff. They’re usually used to display caps, hats, buttons, belts, and socks. Spinning racks are often placed near reception counters because most of the customers come to pay the bill at reception and the products or accessories placed in these racks drive their attention. They’re available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Shelf Racks:

Shelf Racks come in both categories, fitted in walls as well as portable. These are used to display any type of clothing outfits depending upon the choice of the retailer. Shelf Racks are placed near walls or they’re attached to walls permanently.

Shelves come in different sizes as well. Clothing outlets mostly use unportable shelves as they provide a more sleek and classy look to the store.

Display Tables:

Display Tables are one of the most key gadgets that act as a main focal point to the eyes of customers. They’re used to display jeans, shirts, and the items that are on sale or new arrivals. Display Tables are a very easy way to show off your products and they’re also eye-catchy. These tables have various sizes depending upon their purpose of use. They come in different shapes but mostly in rounded or rectangular. Display Tables are made up of wood or steel. One other reason for their importance is that customers don’t need much effort to pick the items, everything is present in front of their eyes.

Display Tables are mostly placed in the center of the outlets so that every visitor can interact with it. Most outlets also display kid’s stuff on these tables as kids are more likely to pick something out of it.

You must select the best racks for your stores and we’ve made the things easier by providing you the details of “8 Best Clothing Display Racks” as these racks are the only option to display your unique outfits to the customers.

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Originally published 29 Aug 2020, updated 29 Aug 2020.

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